So many of us have jobs where we are sat down for long periods of time. It could be driving or sat at a computer desk. A lot of these jobs can cause us to suffer from back pain. Some of the back pain can be stress related. A lot of the problems can come from bad posture and not sitting in the right way. When it is for long periods of time, the problems become intensified. Poor posture and back problems can also come from not having strong chest and back muscles. So the problems can be corrected, you just need to know how.

If you find that you slump a lot in chairs, then there are some exercises that you can do. They will strengthen the muscles that you need to sit correctly in a chair. Try doing bridges and back extensions as they will work on your whole spine. Planks are also a good idea to strengthen your core. Try a few, varying the length as time as you go. You might not be able to last for long to start with, but your strength will build up in time.

It is worth having a look at the chair that you have too. If it is a desk chair, you will want to make sure that it is setup correctly. The seat should be adjustable so make sure that your legs are at a right angle with the feet flat on the floor. You need to make sure that you are close enough to the desk too. If you have to reach for your computer keyboard, then you are putting a strain on your back right away. You then want to have your arms feel relaxed and rested at a right angle too.

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When you’re typing, your wrists should be the only things that are moving, not your arms. You can get foam or gel wrist supports if you feel you need one. If you follow this technique, it should help any upper back pain that you have. If you find that you get pain a lot, it could be worth having a treatment like massages. You could even get your own and relieve back pain with back massager at home.

If you find that you hunch your neck to read your phone or a computer screen, then there are stretches that you can do. You need to work on your chest in this case. So try something like seated rows and chest presses. If your cheat is stronger, it will be more open as you sit. If your chest muscles are weak, they will ‘cave in’ and it will cause an arch in your back or neck. If you find that you have rounded shoulders, then it usually indicates a weak chest too. So exercises like seated rows would work well for that too. Pull ups would also be a great option to help correct rounded shoulders.

Have you got any tips or advice of things that have worked for you?

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