It’s easy not to look after our eyes when we are always worrying about our physical health. But eyes are just as important as they have a significant part to play in our daily life. Here is how you can look after your eye health.

Give yourself a break from looking at a screen

It can be hard to find a job nowadays where you are not looking at a display for a majority of the day. And even if you don’t look at a screen at work, you are likely to be looking at your phone and iPad regularly while at home. It can put your eyes under strain and can make your sight worsen over time. Therefore, you need to give yourself a break from looking at the screen. Give yourself a five-minute break every hour. Even if it’s just to go to the toilet or to get a drink, it will give your eyes a break. After all, if you are constantly looking at a screen, you will end up with other issues such as headaches.

Go to the opticians regularly

You can look after your eye health by going to the opticians at least once a year to ensure everything is okay. It will only take a quick 20-minute test to check your eyesight. You can talk to them about any worries you may have about your eyes. They will advise if you need to have any further treatments for your eyes. You can find out about eye diseases on sites such as As well as checking the strength of your eyes, the optician can check for other diseases which might be going on with the rest of your body. You will be surprised that they can pick up on signs of brain tumors and diabetes.

Wear your glasses or contact lenses

As you get older, your eyesight can deteriorate, and you are more likely to need glasses or contact lenses. A lot of people don’t like wearing them for vanity reasons. But you need to look after your eye health, and therefore, you will have to wear the glasses or contact lenses. And wearing glasses is more popular than ever. You will be able to try on different glasses till you find one that’s right for you.

Protect them in the sun

If you want to look after your eye health, you need to protect your eyes in the sun. You should get a pair of sunglasses with lenses that protect against UV Rays. It’s worth going for a pair that’s more expensive as they will work better, but you can also search on Google a place to buy cheap wayfarer sunglasses that doesn’t sacrifice durability and style. If you don’t wear sunglasses in the sun, you could end be at greater risk of getting cataracts and other eye issues.
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Remember to take makeup off

As well as being bad for your skin, keeping your makeup on at night can also irritate your eyes. Leaving eye makeup on such as mascara and eyeliner can mean the pores around your eyes can become clogged. Always see the doctor if you think your eyes have become irritated.

Protecting your eyes now means you will have a better eyesight when you get older.

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