A healthy lifestyle is a combination of a well-balanced diet and regular exercise. Many people often fail to achieve their fitness goals because they concentrate on just one part instead of giving both areas equal importance.

Exercise is perceived by many as the ultimate solution for their health goals. These individuals often give all their time and efforts in the gym doing multiple routines thinking they can reach their goals with it. Putting the effort in exercising is crucial to keep a well-toned body. But keeping those muscles in tip-top condition is essential as well.

What you eat influences everything in your body. It affects how much muscles you grow or how much fats are stored. This equates on how well your body manages its internal mechanisms. There are multiple benefits one can gain through this healthy practice. The following are amongst the most important.

Better energy

The food you eat is the source of your body’s energy. It fuels your internal organs which is responsible for the multitude of tasks.

But gauging what you eat by your cravings alone is not the best way to achieve a healthy body. This is one aspect that many people fail so miserably. Instead of drawing their steering through cravings, it should be with hunger. These two facets may sound very similar but they’re not.

On one hand, hunger is a natural response of the body as it slowly depletes the available energy within. Do note that even while you’re not doing anything, your body still has to cope with the demands of its voluntary function like respiration. This requires energy thus you’d still feel hungry after some time even while sitting, scrolling through social media.

Cravings, on the other hand, is that drive that puts your diet at risk. This is often rooted in the foods that tastes the best, at least on what our brain has perceived. This is what drives many people to overeat. Sugar is on top of the list for creating cravings. From lattes, ice creams to sports drink, these are all laden with sugar. Sugar made these drinks very popular.

While these can bring you relief and satisfaction, it does pose a threat to your overall wellness. Eating the right foods is the primary goal here. Right foods would mean the ones that come with a balanced amount of nutrient with minimal cravings if there’s any. Your food first needs to satisfy the body’s demands before bowing to cravings.

 To further boost your body you need to move your muscles. Exercise trains your body to improve its capacity. It ups the limits after each session you do leading your body to do more the next time. Good workouts also help maintain your cardiovascular health, a good way to keep your body going.

Better looking skin

Skin problems are commonly observed in modern society. It stems from multiple causes like pollution, hormonal changes, poor diet, and sedentary lifestyle.

The availability of foods these days makes it easier for a person to overeat. And some food choices these days can wreak havoc on your skin’s health. Fatty foods coupled with preservatives may taste delectable but it can tip the balance of a healthy meal.

Acne, a common skin condition, starts with plugged skin pores. This is caused by excessive oil production of the skin. And oily skin can be usually caused by eating the wrong foods. Dairy products, fast foods, and sugar are among the worse foods you can have for your skin.

One way to clean this mess is to include cleansing foods like fruits and vegetable. These foods help the body heal both internally and externally. It cleanses your body from toxins that can otherwise worsen your skin problems.

Exercise then boost the benefits. It works by maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system. That increased blood flow is responsible for giving your skin adequate oxygen level and other nutritional needs. And when you’re healthy inside, it shows on the outside giving you a glowing skin.

It can relieve anxiety and depression.

Anxiety and depression is a challenging proposition for so many individuals. Many people failed to survive this situation resulting in health conditions and even suicides.

This is a challenge that many people are not willing to face. Anxiety and depression can change the way you think and act. It can affect your family, your job and even your health. Often, because this is a mental condition, folks try to deal with it mentally. What they often fail to realize is that it is affected by their physical condition.

Wrong foods result in malnourishment. If the body lacks nourishment it affects how the mind perceives the reality. It can go on either way. If the mind lingers often in the past, it can lead to depression. Thinking about past failures and whatnots become a daily scene.

If the mind prominently thinks too much about tomorrows, then you’ll be anxious about every small stuff you can find. And both of these conditions are not healthy in any way.

Eating healthy will not just feed your body but your mind as well. It will help ease out those wrinkles on your thoughts that can bug you for a long time. On the same note, exercise promotes overall wellness. It also releases endorphins, a feel-good hormone which can help lessen pain and boost your mood. While it may not stop anxiety or depression, it will calm your mind leading you to look into the situation with a better perspective

Improves mobility.

Most people look at exercise as a means to achieve a healthy body. And healthy means a healthy heart, mind and toned muscles. But there’s a little known benefit of exercise that is useful for everyday activities. That is improving overall body mobility.

Mobility is the capacity of the body to perform tasks without feeling stressed or strained in the process. Exercise helps strengthen the muscles of the body. It also loosens stiff joints and ligament while strengthening it. These are the things that influence the body’s overall mobility and it needs to loosen up to improve and prevent injuries.

Through exercise, you can improve your body’s limits with each session done. Building your muscular strength and form is not just about aesthetics, it rewards you with a better body.

Burns excess fats

Exercise or any physical activity for that matter makes use of energy. There are two types of energy sources of energy for the body. One is carbohydrates for activities that require sudden bursts like sprints or lifting weights. The other type energy source is fats together with oxygen for those long endurance activities like running or walking as it requires a slower burning fuel.

Depending on what you do, the body switches between these two types whenever necessary. But don’t this mislead you and go with aerobic exercise alone.  Because even though the aerobics makes use of fats better, it can lead to poor muscle health if done in excess. This is not a healthy way to get fit and it can affect even your heart’s health. Alternating between aerobic and resistance training is an efficient approach for this.

If you wanted to get rid of those fats, you need to eat consciously and engage in physical activity. Eating the right foods can get rid of your love handles but it would take longer. Exercise also tones the muscles. This helps give form to areas fats formerly occupy. This a good example for having that form and function.

Improves cardiovascular health

Your cardiovascular health is responsible for a lot of things inside your body. Composed of your heart, blood and blood vessels, this system is working 24/7 in delivering oxygen and needed nutrients into the tiniest tissues of your body. Poor cardiovascular health is the topmost reason for a lot of diseases.

One reason that hurts the circulatory system the most is being a couch potato. The heart is the center of this system. It drives the blood throughout the body. The heart is also a muscle, without exercise it becomes weak.

 Your heart can exercise by pumping more blood. This can be done by engaging in physical exertion. A simple walk is already a good exercise to engage your heart, elevating your heart rate for a little bit. If done regularly, it will be able to improve your cardiovascular health.

Proper diet keeps those blood vessels to flow freely. Fast foods are being linked to clogged arteries which can cause a multitude of health issues like heart attacks. Fatty foods tend to make the blood thicker which makes it harder for the heart to pump blood. Eating the right foods and regular exercise does equate to better cardiovascular health.


Eat on time, multiple times a day

Overeating is the main cause of storing excess bulges. Many people, however, are confused about how to control their cravings. At such, they try to limit their food intake, fasting in the wrong direction. But cravings for the wrong foods are often experienced when you’re starving because your body is drawing every last energy source available. It’s a natural cycle to fill its needs.

But if you wait for hunger to strike before eating, you’ll likely to go beyond your body’s requirements. An easy way to counter cravings is to never go hungry. This may sound counterintuitive if you wanted to lose weight but eating multiple times a day can curb your hunger.

Eating breakfast is important. After that, if you often feel hungry at 10 AM then eating a snack around 9 AM will help. With that, when lunchtime comes, you’ll likely to eat more consciously as you just had your fill. You can do the same in the afternoon at around 3 pm. The take here is to eat in between meals, making eating interval shorter.

Build and tone your muscles.

Your muscles require energy. It means the leaner body would demand more energy. This, in turn, helps burn stored energy like your fats.

But it doesn’t mean you have to build heavy muscles to achieve it. Just building that leaner body can help get rid of fats better. Think of it a furnace within your body that wastes your bulges away.

There are lots of simple exercises that can help tone muscles. Remember that the goal is to tone your muscles, bulking up is just an option.

Be consistent, follow your workout schedule

At the start of the year, so many people try to jump on getting the fit mindset. This is caused by the guilt felt after the holidays. Lots of food for such a short period will give that tightness over your waist. This drives craze on going with an exercise regimen.

But after just a few weeks down the road, most of them may have already forgotten about their supposed new year’s resolution, till next year. The thing is, if you want to get fit, consistency is the key. You can never get those bulges away with just a few days or even weeks.

Exercising is a long-term goal and it must be treated as such. Your body has its limit, you can only workout for a specific amount of time. Depending on your current fitness level, 15-minute workout for beginners can be tiring. That is why you need to take this slow, building your strength by each session. Don’t get on the hype that you can get rid of unwanted fats in just a few days. Although it can be possible, it would entail some health risk as the body needs to recuperate. Each person is unique so results can vary. But if you do it regularly, you’re sure to keep the benefits.

Eat more fruits and vegetables

When it comes to eating the right foods, fruits and veggies top the score. These foods can fill you without having too much. It’s a dietary fiber that works here.

Fiber can keep the tummy full without the dangers of storing too many fats. It works by bulking up the food you eat. As it stays in the digestive tract, it absorbs the more water. It also takes more time to digest the reason you ‘ll feel full longer.

Fruits and vegetable also have a dense nutrient and mineral content which can help the body fill its needs.

To keep your body and mind healthy, right foods choices and exercise is the key. Staying fit and keeping that body toned will not only make you look better it will also make you a better person.

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