When it comes to the best water colour tattoos, they differ with the traditional ones in numerous ways. The most important differentiating factors are the shading and the colouring. When it comes to creating these tattoos, the artists use different kinds of tattoo techniques like blurs, bleeds, shades, runs and splatters. These tattoos are as attractive as the traditional ones; however, there is a difference in terms of their longevity. Besides, they are not as bright as the traditional tattoos. Apart from these two aspects, they create the same impression as any other tattoo would do, as long as you have got it done from a good tattoo artist.

What are the Features of the Water colour Tattoos?

When it comes to the watercolour tattoos, they have certain characteristics and features. Here are a couple of them

  • Temporary: Unlike the traditional tattoos, which are permanent in nature, these tattoos are temporary and these do not last for a long period of time. Since they are made of watercolour, they tend to wash away after a certain point of time. Within a couple of days, these tattoos start to fade out and eventually they vanish. These tattoos are the best option if you wish to decorate yourself for a special occasion or an event.
  • Easy to Create: Compared to the traditional tattoos, the water colour ones are easy to make. These tattoos can be easily created compared to the traditional ones. For creating these tattoos you don’t even need a tattoo artist. Someone who is well trained with watercolours and have a fair amount of skill in painting can create beautiful designs.
  • Flexible: These tattoos are quite flexible in terms of designing. Since these tattoos are made of water colour, different types of designs and patterns can be pulled up quite easily. It is easier for the artist to play with different kinds of designs and try new ones. There are certain water colour tattoo designs that take a lot of time to create and at times it becomes very difficult for the artist to pull up a proper design. This is not the case when it comes to the watercolour; these tattoos can be easily created as water colour is very flexible and it can be used to create different designs and styles.

A Few Facts about Water Colour

There are a couple of facts that can be associated with the watercolour tattoos. The fact that black outlines are absent in these tattoos, make them look more like paintings than stylized and well designed pictures. These tattoos at times look more real than the traditional ones simply because of their pattern of colouring.


When it comes to the execution part, these tattoos are no different than the traditional ones; however, when it comes to the designing part, these are completely different. These tattoos have an element of artistry to them and would make your body look like a canvas. There are different kinds of styles are designs available when it comes to the water colour tattoos. These designs if executed properly can create excellent impressions and will make your body look attractive and beautiful.

When it comes to selecting a tattoo artist for best water colour tattoos, you need to make sure to check for his portfolio. You must also ensure if he is capable enough to pull up the designs which you are looking for. There are many tattoo artists available. The time that you spend in hiring the right professional in getting your tattoo done will determine the kind of efficiency and quality you get in the long run.

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