Evebody knows that hair is the charm of many women. We do everything to keep them clean, healthy and beautiful. There are hair in every possible way, from the smoothest to the most curly and a product for each one such as viva hair. The problem is that not all products comply with what they promise and we women, we end up with our hair more and more.

With so many products, it is difficult to know which is best for our hair and how to keep it healthy. Below you can check some tips to never suffer with brittle and dull hair.

1 – Take care of your food

It may seem absurd, but the food reflects on your hair. If you want to have strong hair and grow quickly and healthy, you should have a diet rich in iron and vitamin C. Another factor that influences is the sun, as everyone knows, it is the largest source of vitamin D. Access to He moderately every day can help.

2 – Scalp massage

The blood circulation of our scalp also helps in the healthy growth of your wires. Massage the leather hair when you are in the bath to stimulate circulation, make circular movements for a few minutes and that will be enough.

3 – Beware of the elastics

Be very careful when attaching your hair with rubber bands or very strong rubbers. Opt for lighter elastics, which do not damage your yarns so as not to break them.

4 – Keep cutting

Even if you do not want to cut your hair and your goal is to make it grow, ideally it should be maintained for two to three months and only the ends to be removed. This will prevent double tips from appearing and will aid in the growth of your hair.

5 – Make hydration

Especially if your hair is dry or has undergone some chemical procedure like progressive. You can do at home, just buy those products listed at the pharmacies, wash your hair and apply for 10 or 20 minutes. In the case of a chemical procedure, do it once a week according to your hairdresser’s appointment.

6 – Use any specialized product

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, there are many hair care products that promise to bring back brilliance and strength. One of these products is Nova Repair, it gives more consistency, shine and leaves your hair more beautiful for the day.

gives. Its efficiency is proven and can be used without fear as it has no side effects. To use it just take 1 capsule a day and you’re done! Bet on this product and you will see all the results in your hair.

7 – Do not wash your hair with hot water

Too hot water can damage your wires and leave them brittle. Always try to wash them with warm water, this will also help lessen the frizz.

8 – Beware of oiliness

Try to keep your hair away from the oil, wash it with specialized product for this and do not stay too long without washing.

Well girls i hope that you liked all of these tips ok?

See you next time!

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