Sometimes working out just isn’t the thing you want to do right now. You’re tired, you’re in a bad mood, and you’d rather curl up on the couch with a tub of ice cream. You’re not alone. More people fall out of their good workout habits than stick with them for life. Sure, we all have moments of weakness. But it’s really hard to get back to the fitness plan once we miss one or two workouts.

Obstacles and distractions will always come up. You’ll always have that option to say ‘now really isn’t the best time for a workout’. So you need to come up with a strategy that doesn’t fall apart when you’re tired or have friends over. Take a look at your lifestyle. Most of us have routines every day. They are actions we take no matter what. We go to work. We eat a dinner. We end the day watching catch-up TV. Things like this make us human. They settle us, and they are always going to happen no matter what.

Why not use these routine events to gain an extra workout? If you buy some home gym equipment, you can watch TV and workout at the same time. No more sitting stagnant on the sofa. Your body is moving, and you still fit in all that catch-up TV you love. Choosing fitness equipment for your home isn’t always easy. Use a website like to find reviews of some of the items you’re interested in.

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You will probably need a good workout mat like a Yoga mat. Treadmills fold up easier than cross trainers. Hand weights can help you tone up, and you don’t need much room to use them. There are plenty of choices when it comes to home fitness equipment. You just need to find the ones that suit you and the space you have. Working out at home means you don’t have to get dressed up or drive down to the gym. It’s so convenient.

There are lots of home exercises you can do quickly and easily too. Some can even be done while you’re in bed! Before you hop in the shower in the morning, why not give yourself 5 minutes to fit in some energising stretches? And if you can get up twenty minutes early, you can even fit in a quick run around the block. The trick is to make it part of your everyday routine. It becomes a habit and a lifestyle choice.

If your commute can be done on public transport, why not get off a stop early and then cycle or walk the rest of the way? Even if you drive, you can park your car a couple of blocks away to get in a brisk walk each morning and evening. Getting a workout buddy will make more committed to attending those classes you fancied starting. If your friend relies on your for company and motivation, you’ll both have more luck at sticking to the program. It’s not always easy to fight fatigue for a workout. But with just ten minutes of sweat, you’ll feel glad you did.


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