As the years go by, we become wiser thanks to life experience. Sadly, the passage of time, and all that extra wisdom can come with a price. Our faces and bodies will give our age away every time. And that’s something most of us would prefer to keep a secret! But there are plenty of ways to take care of your body, so the tell-tale signs are less obvious. Here are just some of the things you can do to stay youthful:


As we get older, and wiser, we tend to take on more and more responsibility. We get married, have families, and pursue successful careers. Mortgages, pets, cars, and mature parents all add to the mix of stresses we can experience. Relaxation helps the muscles lose their tension. This reduces headaches, poor posture, and those frown lines that make us look so grumpy all the time! Massage and meditation can do wonders for your concentration too. Best of all, it reduces the amount of the stress hormone Cortisol in your body, a leading cause of weight gain. take care of yourself in your wiser years - relax

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It’s hard to find enough hours to sleep when you have children or an early meeting. But it’s one of the most important things you need to keep your body in great condition. It’s essential to a healthy mind and maintaining good hormone balance too.  There are many supplements that can help with this, but choosing the right supplements for your needs is not always an easy task. The right hormone balance supplements can make you sleep better and can get your health back on track. Keep your bedroom dark, quiet and cool to ensure the best quality sleep. Try to sleep on your back to avoid discomfort in the spine or neck. Quality sleep can also help prevent puffy eyes in the morning.

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Face Care

Our faces will give us away first, so take charge of it now. Change to products that are better suited for your age group. Cleanse, tone and moisturize twice a day. Take advantage of treatments like Botox that prevent the deeper lines appearing in the first place. Try a good night cream that won’t sit too heavily on your skin. Avoid heavy makeup too. Picking a more natural look will help you appear more youthful.

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Diet at our age is so important. Hormones are about to change, and that can wreak havoc on our bodies. Calcium is essential to keep the bones strong and healthy. If you’re thinking of using a hormone replacement therapy, ask your nutritionist for some diet tips to help along the way. Fresh foods should be plentiful in your diet while processed foods should be removed. Water will help keep your skin hydrated, so it continues to look youthful.

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To keep the core muscle strong for balance and mobility, you need to work out. Find classes that also offer you good social interaction. They are the ones that will motivate you the most to keep going. Activities like swimming and Yoga are excellent for toning those muscles, stretching your body, and improving your mobility.

Older women can be incredibly beautiful, vibrant, and happy women. You don’t need to look as old as you are, and you certainly don’t need to feel it! Take care of you for a wonderful future.


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