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You’ve gone for it too, huh? You’ve downloaded the Tinder app, and now you’re hoping the love of your life comes your way. It might happen, and there are lots of people that have found success through this method in recent years.

It’s a little unnerving trusting your dating life to a mobile app, though. How do you really know who these people are on the other end of their phones? Internet dating seems a little concerning, but mobile dating feels even more suspicious. Is it safe to use? The answer is yes, but only when adhering to these rules.

NEVER Give Out Personal Information

When it comes to any form of online dating, you can’t afford to give out personal information. By this, I mean confidential stuff like credit card details, addresses and the location of where you work. Limit your information as much as you can until much later on in the dating process. Why do I say this? There are many people out there who aren’t who they say they are. If you want to avoid catfishing and full-on identity theft, you need to be cautious.


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Google The Details You Have

You don’t know this person, and you want to determine whether they’re genuine or not. The only real way for you to do this at this point in time is to Google their details. What do you know about them so far? Do you have their email address, phone number, and name? These details might just provide the key to figuring out whether they’re lying in the first instance.


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Meeting Rules

OK, it’s time for the meet. The most important thing about a Tinder meeting is that you meet up in a very public place in the middle of the day. This might be a busy coffee shop on a Saturday afternoon, for example. Also, you want to make sure you bring a friend along as backup, or at least tell them where you’re going. Always put safety at the forefront of your mind before meeting a complete stranger.

Get An Emergency GPS App

You’ve already used your phone to download a dating app, and now it’s time for you to download a different one. By syncing a GPS app with a friend’s phone, they can keep track of your location. These apps allow warnings to be set if the person in question thinks they’re in danger. You can even get apps that will take a snapshot of the scene when the warning button is pressed. In the event that something goes dramatically wrong, this could be crucial.

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Take It Slow

You might hit it off with your Tinder date right away, but don’t be quick to spill all your details in-person. Remember that you don’t know this person and their intentions. By revealing too much on the first date, you might still be putting yourself at risk. Take it easy, take it slow and focus on enjoying the moment.

You shouldn’t need to be afraid of Tinder by following these suggestions. Have fun on your date!

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