Our heart is the most vital organ in our body. After all, we need it to keep ticking away to ensure we stay well and healthy. Therefore, we need to keep on top of our heart health. However, for a lot of people, their lifestyle choices often contribute to a bad heart. They make bad decisions which cause them to end up with heart disease. Therefore, here are some top tips you need to keep your heart in fine form, so it keeps ticking away for a long time yet!

Move around during the day

For a lot of us, we tend to sit at a desk during the day at work. And we only tend to move when it comes to lunchtime and toilet breaks! Once we are at home, we just sit on the sofa and relax. After all, we have had a long day at work! But if you want to keep your heart in a healthy condition, you need to move around in the day as much as you can. Otherwise, your heart could be left in jeopardy if you sit around too much. Therefore, go for a walk at lunchtime to get your body moving. And head to the water dispenser every hour to give your heart a good chance. Also, in the evenings, try and find something to do which will stop you lounging out in front of the television. You might want to consider going to an exercise class to ensure your heart stays healthy. Or you should go for a walk around your block to get your body moving. You will feel a lot healthier than just sitting around in front of the TV.

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Make sure you are doing cardio and strength training

It’s so important that you attempt to do at least 30 minutes of exercise a day. After all, it keeps you healthy. But for a lot of us, we barely do that a week. Therefore, it’s time to up your exercise. For starters, you should be making sure you are doing some form of cardio every week. You might want to go for a run around the block which will get the blood pumping around your body. Or a dance class would be an excellent way to get healthy. Doing cardio will ensure you keep your blood pressure down and will keep your heart ticking away. Also, you should be making sure you are doing some form of strength training as well. A lot of people think this is good just to build up your muscles. But it also is excellent for your ticker. As we said before, strength training can ward off conditions like heart disease. So make sure you fit it into your daily exercise too, so that you can keep your ticker healthy.

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Always go to the doctor if you think there is an issue

A lot of us avoid going to the doctor unless we have to. After all, we feel like we are wasting their time. But if you feel like something is wrong with your ticker, you need to ensure you go to the doctor. That way, they can make sure your heart is healthy and check if there is anything wrong. And it they do think something is wrong, they can advise you on the next step. After all, you might have to go to a hospital which deals with specific heart conditions such as arrhythmias. You can look online to find your local one on www.AbbottEP.com/hospital-locator/. Hopefully, your heart will be in fine form, and you won’t need further help. But if you want to keep your ticker healthy, always go to the doctor if you are concerned.

Stay a healthy weight

When you are overweight, it can put extra pressure on your heart. In fact, there is a link between being obese and heart disease. Therefore, for the sake of your ticker, you need to ensure you stay a healthy weight. Try and cut back on bad food and consume a healthy diet to lose that excessive weight. You can even talk to a nutritionist who will advise you on the best way to lose weight. Or you could even join a healthy living group such as Weight Watchers. And remember to complete daily exercise if you want to lose some weight.

Avoid smoking

There are many reasons why smoking is bad for your heart. For one thing, it can damage the lining of your arteries which can lead to angina or even a heart attack. And also, the carbon monoxide in tobacco can also reduce oxygen in your blood. Therefore, your heart will have to work harder which can make it tired and cause heart disease. To ensure your heart stays healthy, you should try to avoid smoking. Try and find ways to give up such as vaping or using nicotine patches. It could potentially save your lungs as well!

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Drink a moderate amount of alcohol

It can be easier said than done when Christmas is around the corner, but you should only drink a moderate amount of alcohol. After all, drinking excessive amounts can cause your blood pressure to rise. And if you have high blood pressure, you could end up having a heart attack. As well as this, drinking a lot of alcohol can see people pack on the pounds. And being overweight can cause you to have heart problems too. Therefore, stick to a minimal amount to ensure your heart stays healthy.

Reduce stress in your life

Stress has such a significant impact on your health. For one thing, it can cause your blood pressure levels to rise. And as you know, this can jeopardize your heart’s health. Therefore, you need to try and cut out stress out of your life. Find ways to relax to reduce the stress.


Being happy and laughing is also essential if you want to keep your heart in fine form. As http://www.healthline.com/health-slideshow/healthy-heart-tips#8 says, it can decrease inflammation in your arteries and raise your levels of good cholesterol. Therefore, try and find ways to reduce stress in your life.

And remember to keep your cholesterol levels to a minimum if you want to keep your ticker in fine form.

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