With the summer season upon us we are able to enjoy lazy weekends in the park with friends, head off for outdoor adventures in search of sunset vistas and spend more time in our own gardens. Some of us may be lucky enough to be heading to a wild and wonderful destination to experience a new culture and see a different part of the world whereas some of us may be content with a staycation this summer. Whatever you are doing this summer, the chances are that you will experience some sweltering days.

The heat of the hazy summer days can be a blessing, but for some, they are a curse with the emergence of something altogether more frustrating and irritating: prickly heat. This rash of tiny red itchy bumps can ruin a summer and cause a great deal of embarrassment. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. You can follow these tips to help you keep prickly heat at bay.

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What Is Prickly Heat?

Some people suggest that prickly heat is a sweat rash. However, this is overly simplistic. Prickly heat emerges when the sweat ducts in our skin have a hard time omitting the sweat that our bodies naturally create when attempting to cool us down. Sometimes, microscopic molecules of sweat become trapped just underneath the skin causing irritation, making us itch. A rash then develops. The rash can occur on any part of the body and can afflict anyone. Some people get prickly heat every summer, others once in a blue moon.

How Can I Stop Prickly Heat Happening?

Sadly, if you are one of the unfortunate people who gets prickly heat every season, there aren’t too many things that you can do to prevent it altogether. However, what you can do is prevent it from taking hold and ruining your summer.

It’s vital that you wear looser clothing. That skinny vest may look great but the fact that it’s fitted means that your skin can’t breathe. You need to allow your sweat ducts as much space as possible to encourage them to remain unblocked. It’s a good idea to check out clothing ranges such as Anthony’s sundresses. Here, you can choose from a loosely fitting shift, flutter and maxi dress made out of breathable materials that are comfortable yet stylish. Wearing looser clothes and remaining in the shade as much as possible means that you won’t sweat as much.

Another key prevention tactic is to take an antihistamine tablet every day. After a consultation with your doctor, he or she may suggest taking these for ten days or so before the hot weather develops. This makes it harder for your body to release histamine, an immune response to foreign pathogens.

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Once I’ve Got Prickly Heat, How Can I Get Rid Of It?

Easier said than done, but you really must not scratch the itch. Scratching will make the itch more intense and the rash redder and more visible. The bumps that the rash creates can appear unsightly and see your confidence levels drop. By using a light emollient cream to keep the area moisturized and by keeping the rash as open to the air as possible, you will see your rash diminish quicker. If the itch becomes ridiculously unbearable, the best course of action is an oatmeal bath. The immediate soothing qualities will have your itch under control in no time.

Keep cool and ensure that you spend some time in an air-conditioned room for a few hours each day. If you’re going out with a cooler, make sure you have some decent ice packs so that you can keep your towels as well as drinks icy cold. If you are going out into the sunshine, you can still wear something loose over your rash to cover it. In fact, going out can actually take your mind off your prickly heat and enable you to have the fun you quite rightly deserve to have during the summer months. Don’t allow the rash to keep you indoors and stop you from enjoying the warmer weather. It is a rash that will be self-limiting and is not contagious in any way. Speak to your friends about it, and the chances are that a few of them will have experienced the itch as well.

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A rash needn’t ruin your summer. You can prevent it as much as possible, and you can treat it using many over the counter medications as well as sensible itch soothing home remedies. Prickly heat is more common than you think and shouldn’t knock your confidence. By arming yourself with as much knowledge as possible, you can banish the itch and the worry forever.

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