If you are busy planning your wedding, you are probably thinking of ways you can get your mom to help out. Many women like to keep their mothers busy during the runup and on the day so that their mom can feel like they have played an important part. It also stops them trying to meddle in your plans for the big day! Are you trying to think of ways that the mother of the bride can help out? Here are some important jobs that she can busy herself with.

Arrange The Invitations

Your mother will have a good idea of who you should invite from your family. She will know some distant relatives who you may forget about. And she will also have all of your relative’s address at hand! So why not ask her to write up a guest list. If she wants, she may like to do this with the mother of the groom. They can put their heads together and think about all the relatives and family friends who should come to the ceremony and reception. Once you have a list of possible guests, you can start designing your invites on sites such as



Dress Support

When you go shopping for your wedding dress, you will take your bridesmaids so that they can find their ideal dresses as well. But have you thought about taking your mom along too? Your mom will have lots of good fashion advice that she can give to you and your bridesmaids. And she will also be able to give you her honest opinion of what each dress looks like on you. While you are out shopping for your wedding gown, take a look and see if you can find something special for your mom to wear as well!



Playing Host

Your mom can also play host once your guests start arriving at the ceremony. After all, you won’t be there as you will arrive to the church or venue after everyone else. Your mother should get to the ceremony before everyone else and be prepared to welcome each of the guests warmly. Traditionally, the mother of the bride would also host an afternoon tea or dinner party for the bride and groom’s close families. This normally takes place the day before the wedding. However, not many couples choose to do this anymore. But if your families are quite close, it could be a nice gesture. And it will give your mother something else to do!

Traditions And Heirlooms

It is often the mother of the bride’s job to research family traditions and heirlooms that can be used in the wedding. She should speak to the mother of the groom to see if your partner’s family has any traditions of heirlooms that they wish to include in the day as well. Your mother can also help you to find any special jewelry or other accessories that you can wear to count as ‘something old’. And also ‘something borrowed’. If you are both stuck for ideas of what things you can wear for this tradition, there are plenty of ideas online



Help With The Seating Plan

You will need to come up with a seating plan for your wedding reception. To do this, sit down with your mother and come up with a plan together. Your mom will probably have a better idea of who should sit together. After all, there may be some long-running family feuds that you aren’t totally aware of! So discuss your seating plan with your mom to make sure that you don’t have any relatives who don’t get on sitting next to each other.

Organizing The Men In The Wedding

Your mom will be at the ceremony venue before you arrive. So she can make sure that the groom, best man and ushers are looking their best. She can ensure that their buttonholes are ready with flowers. And she can give them one final dusting down before you arrive! Your dad will be with you, so it is up to you to make sure that he looks good!

There are many ways you can involve the mother of the bride into your whole wedding day. These are just some of the most common tasks that your mom might want to do for you. Your mother will feel like she is doing something meaningful for you, and you will have a lot less to do on your own!

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