Every guy who has a fascination with making a healthy body will try to make a well-shaped upper and mid back along with bicep, but it is not an easy task to achieve. It is difficult to make a good back body without using any kind of machinery as normal exercise are not very efficient, and they take a huge amount of time. One arm dumbbell row can come handy to build up a strong upper and mid back, and it will also help you in having a right bicep.

One arm dumbbell row is an amazing workout that shapes up your body especially the back portion of your body if done with best adjustable dumbbells. Although you should first consult with your gym trainer whether you are eligible to do it or not. Many people go for bent over barbell row as it is very effective but not everyone can perform this exercise as it is a hard one. So one arm dumbbell row can serve as the best alternative for bent over barbell row as it performs the safe function and quite easy to do.

One arm dumbbell row is done using simple ways, and it spares your back from any kind of injury that you might get during lifting weight. This one arm dumbbell row workout includes a joint movement of the muscles that builds up the muscles of your back. While you do this exercise, it also strengthens up your bicep and shoulder thus giving you a proper upper structure. According to some experts, you should end up your exercise session with one arm dumbbell row as it puts a lot of pressure on your side muscles.


Way of Doing One Arm Dumbbell Row

Performing in the one arm dumbbell row is an easy job but to have a proper effect, it should be done in a proper way. One arm dumbbell row specifically affects the rhomboids, rear deltoids, latissimus dorsi, biceps and middle trapezius. In this exercise, rowing is important as it balances all the muscle structure and builds up the back. The following way will guide you to do it in a proper way:

  • First, you should choose a flat bench where you can stretch your hand entirely but if there is any kind of tilt it will ruin the whole workout. You should always avoid using any kind inclined and before starting the exercise you should place two dumbbells on either side of the bench. You can also do it on a flat surface although both the side of the flat surface should have proper rowing area.
  • Then after placing the desk, you should first place your right leg on the top of the lower end of the bench. Then you should place your bent knee on the top of the bench and place it in such a way that it is parallel to the floor. Then to support your bodyweight you should place your top right-hand part of the bench.
  • You should use your left hand to pick up the dumbbell from the floor and then you should hold the dumbbell in such a way that your lower back should stay straight. While holding the dumbbell, the palm of your left hand should be face to face with your knee. You should start with an appropriate dumbbell weight which you can lift with ease.


  • After adjusting yourself to the starting position, you should pull the dumbbell towards your chest while placing your top arm side close to your side. During this exercise you should keep your knee steady otherwise, the posture will get ruined. You should raise your arm in such a way that it should be parallel to the floor.
  • Then you should lower the dumbbell into the previous position although you should not put them on the ground. While lowering down the dumbbell, you should keep your pace slow, and you should breathe in so that it can produce a proper effect on the muscles. You should repeat this process for at least sixty times divided into three sets. After completing your set with the left hand, you should change the position and then start with your right hand.


Some Tips

One arm dumbbell might seem easy, but they are not easy as they look because you need to have good strength to pull the dumbbell into and fro motion. While doing the exercise, you should try to pull the dumbbell with the help of your back muscle to have the proper effect. Many people just move their arm to and fro without putting pressure on their muscle so you should move your hand in such that it affects both back and arm.

You should use your arm like a fastener which will be utilized for moving the weight up and down while keeping your abs in tight posture. While exercising you shouldn’t lower your back towards the bench as it cause muscle sprain. Your knee should be steady although it is stiff muscle and abnormal movement will ruin the exercise. Your spine posture should be correct otherwise, there is no use of performing this task.

Most of the experts recommend that you should not increase your reps and set until and unless you can steadily maintain your posture. You should not start this exercise with heavy weight as it damages your back muscle causing severe pain, so it is better to consult your trainer.


If you perform one arm dumbbell row in a proper way, then you can achieve a well-built back along with a shaped shoulder and bicep. You should carry out this exercise at a steady pace to have a proper effect.


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