Every year brings new makeup trends, and this year it is all about the lips. While the rest of the makeup seems to be monochromatic and subtle, in 2017 you should put focus on your lips and bring the wow factor. Apart from going bold, there are some new lipstick colors you should try out ASAP in order to emphasize your smile and provide a stunning contrast to your whole makeup.


Pink used to be popular mainly with the girly-girls, but this year that’s about to change. This color has made its way to every girl’s makeup kit and many of them are incorporating it through their lipstick. However, instead of opting for sugary-sweet pastels, you should spice up your makeup and focus on bright, pigmented magentas.

Electric Orange

Tomato-red hues of orange were popular last year and no one thought orange would be back. However, this year it is even more popular, but in a bit different hues. In 2017, orange lipsticks are bolder and include the true orange shades that can make a statement. You can even go for super-pigmented tints that will rock your daily makeup and uplift your style.

Glitter Lips

For a mesmerizing shine of your makeup, you should turn to glittery lips. You can opt for putting loose glitter on your favorite lipstick, but if that’s not your thing, there are other options. You can choose from a vast variety of sparkle-infused glosses that can easily mimic this shiny look, or cover your lipstick or bare lips with a gorgeous shimmering sheen.

Dark Colors

If previous trends are too shiny and bright for you, you’re in luck, since dark lipsticks are also coming back. However, to wear them perfectly, you will have to minimize the rest of your makeup and work on your smile. Any shade of dark colors can satisfy this look; from dark red to navy blue and black. And to rock these shades well, you will need a happy and mesmerizing smile for a better contrast. You may also want to consider invisible braces and teeth whitening, which will make your smile perfect without anyone noticing the means to perfection.

‘90s Rose

Even though some people think the ‘90s were too much to handle, they always find their way back into our lives and fashion. This year, they are subtly coming back with their muted shade of rose which is a perfect color for your new lipstick. What is more, this shade is perfect for the upcoming spring and the best way to wear it is with matching eye shadows and blushes in order to create the perfect monochromatic look.

Marble Lips

Besides glitter, this year we have marble lipsticks to provide shine and color to our lips. To match this trend with one of the darker shades, you can use darker red hues that have a stunning but subtle sheen-y finish.

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A Two-toned Look

This year is full of surprises and it brings a two-toned look to the table. Instead of going for one shade of lipstick you can combine two contrasting shades and create your own new look. For example, you can try out white and red shades together and create a warm contrast for your daily makeup. However, you don’t have to stick to lighter tints; instead experiment with various hues and colors, have fun with them, and rock the upcoming spring and summer with fresh new lipsticks.

If you want to shine, follow some of these latest trends for lipstick colors. They will go perfectly with any style you have, and if you add some shine or bold colors you will surely transform your daily outfits for the better.

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