Our face is the reflection of everything that happens to us, whether it is a sleepless night, stress and worries, age or our daily mood. Our face puts it all out there in the open, and we struggle on daily basis to hide the deficiencies on our skin.

The skin under our eyes is especially sensitive because it is extremely thin. It is where wrinkles usually start appearing first, and where every bad night sleep takes its toll in the shape of dark circles. Of course, a lot of women try to slow down the inevitable by using expensive cosmetics face products or visiting a plastic surgeon.

Still, there are more natural (and cheap!) ways of looking after your skin. The skin around your eyes can be successfully treated with stuff you can find in your home.

Food from your fridge

Food builds our body from the inside, but it can also make wonders in completely different ways. Open your fridge and you’ll see plenty of food that can be helpful when fighting tired eyes look.

  • Avocado – the unwanted eye wrinkles can be smoothened if you put a face mask you have made from avocado. This mask affects your skin deeply and removes the unevenness under your eyes created during your young age.
  • Cucumber juice – being full of vitamin C and caffeic acid, it hydrates the skin and removes the dark circles. What’s even better is that it helps the skin build collagen.
  • Egg whites – A lot of nutrients important for the skin hide here. Apply this mask every day, especially if you have problems with baggy skin under your eyes.
  • Honey and almond oil – this mixture should be applied before going to bed. One teaspoon of honey and half a teaspoon of almond oil is all you need. Just wash your face in the morning and dry it by gently patting it.

Things from your home

It’s not just food that helps our skin, but also the little things that we keep in our kitchen or bathroom can be a quick solution. It’s all about being resourceful!

  • Tea bags – not only you enjoy tea thanks to them, but they also help you remove dark circles under your eyes. The best ones are black tea bags, not the herbal ones. After they have cooled down, put them onto your closed eyes and keep them at least ten minutes.
  • Cotton balls – if you don’t have time for tea, dip cotton balls into the cold water and put them onto your eyes and keep them for about ten minutes to freshen up your eyes.
  • Chilled spoon – having troubles with puffy eyes? Take a spoon and put it in the fridge for a couple of minutes, and then press it against the puffy part of the skin.
  • Bags of ice cubes–can be used for the same problem as a chilled spoon. Place them onto your eyes and repeat it until the puffiness disappears.

Additional attention

Of course, additional care for our eyes and skin around it can be something usual that we do every day or something we wouldn’t think affects our skin.

  • Protection from the computer screen light – remind yourself to look at something distant after staring at the computer screen for 20 minutes. Also, make sure you blink often and splash cold water onto your face to cool your eyes when having a break.
  • Sunglasses – they have several uses. Not only they protect your skin and eyes from the UV radiation but they also protect your eyes from the dirt. It’s the same thing with your eyelashes or eyelash extensions. You can always look around for eyelash extensions Sydney has to offer – the eyelash extensions not only frame your eyes but they also protect them from dust and dirt entering.
  • Sunscreen – don’t let you skin age faster than it should. Apply sunscreen every day, especially on sensitive parts such as skin around your eyes, at least 20 minutes before getting outside your home.
  • Hydration and healthy diet – of course, drinking plenty of water and paying attention to what and when we eat improves our health and helps us look and feel better. Eating a lot of vegetables and fruits can really go a long way.

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