We all like to look our best and look for products that can help us to achieve that. What items you choose will depend on the style that you are looking for and how much (or how little) you want to invest in a certain look. But the cost of keeping up with new products and trends can cost a lot of money. So if like me, you like to look for ways to cut down the cost of beauty, then here are some tips and tricks. Would love to hear what you think!


Stick To Your Own Style

If you change with trends, then you will find yourself changing your makeup bag really often. Trends can change with the seasons, so it is better to have a signature look that you’re happy with, rather than chopping and changing all the time. Getting a few products from time to time that gives the nod to a certain trend can be much less expensive than changing products all the time. Plus, being confident in a look that you have chosen makes you look much better than being a copy of the latest fashion magazine.

Shop Drugstores

Drugstores are full of beauty and hygiene products but do you know what? They are much cheaper than you will find in department stores. So shopping around and mixing up where you shop is a good way to get some good bargains. It can even be a good idea to look for beauty stores online too. They can be a good way to find deals as well as get things like cash back after purchases. So if you don’t already shop for your beauty products in those stores, then it is worth a look, right?

Make Your Own

There are many beauty products and treatments that you can make yourself at home. Take things like hair masks or face masks, for instance. They can be made using things that you already have at home. Household foods like eggs, avocado, oats, banana, and coconut oil are all great items that you can use to get clear skin and glossy hair. So if you want to give it a try, have a look for some ‘recipes’ online. There are so many to choose from!

Splurge on Basics

Some items do need to have a bit more spent on them than others. Knowing what to spend more on and what to save on is really key to getting a polished look. One thing that I think is a must for splurging on is foundation and concealer. If you have a bad foundation that doesn’t match your skin tone or dries your skin out, then it will make you look much worse. So for those items, paying more usually means better quality, leaving you with a silky finish and hydrated skin.

Use Sparingly

Some products, particularly hair products, are best to be used sparingly. Not only do they save money, but they also last longer. So use a small smaller amount of shampoo and conditioner than you do, and it will all last longer.

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