You love wearing makeup on your eyes. It accentuates their beauty and makes your appearance more striking, plus it’s often fun to experiment with the latest beauty trends. But make sure you’re careful about how you wear makeup on your eyes as it can be dangerous.There are some important things to bear in mind when applying makeup to your eyes to prevent injury and infections.

Don’t Apply Makeup On the Go

It can be tempting to apply eye makeup when you’re on the go, such as when you’re driving, but this is very dangerous. You can accidentally stab your eye with a mascara wand or eyeliner pencil, which not only increases your risk of infection by getting makeup into your eye, but it can also scratch the cornea of the eye. This is the delicate film that covers the eye and getting it scratched can be very sore.

Check Expiration Dates

There are expiration dates on your makeup products for a good reason. After that time listed on the product, bacteria gets into the makeup. Using the products after this date can spread bacteria to your eyes, causing infections such as conjunctivitis or pink eye which is very common and contagious. If there’s no expiration date listed on your makeup products, follow the guideline of how many months you have with which to use the product, such as ‘6M’ for six months or ’12M’ for 12 months.

Makeup Tips That Keep Your Eyes Gorgeous and Healthy1

Don’t Share Your Makeup

It’s never a good idea to share any makeup products with anyone as this can easily spread germs, but it’s especially important to avoid it with your eye makeup. Every time you use your eye beauty products, you’re transferring germs to the product and then to your eyes. You don’t want someone else’s germs to get in the mix!

You should also be careful of trying tester products at the store – rather try them on your hand instead of your eyes. If you’re getting your makeup professionally done, bring your own products and applicators to be on the safe side.

Don’t Go To Bed With Your Makeup On

It’s sometimes really easy to fall asleep with your makeup on after a late night and think it’s no big deal, but it is. While you’re sleeping, you’re rubbing your face against your pillow which rubs the eye makeup into your eyes. This can cause infections.

Not washing off your makeup makes it easy for it to become infested with bacteria, while products such as mascara start to harden and flake off with wear. These tiny pieces can end up in your eye where they can scratch or irritate it.

Keep your bottle of eye makeup remover on your bedside table to remind you to remove your makeup before hitting the sack every night.

Always Clean Your Makeup Brushes

It’s really easy for bacteria to get into your makeup brushes and applicators so be sure to clean them well with some baby shampoo and water every few weeks. This keeps them healthy and prevents you from getting bacteria into your makeup products and eyes.
Makeup Tips That Keep Your Eyes Gorgeous and Healthy2

Don’t Apply Eyeliner to the Water Line

The waterline is the strip of moist skin between your lower eyelashes and your eyeballs. It’s not a good idea to apply makeup on this skin as it is filled with oil glands that can become clogged from makeup. This can lead to many problems, such as eye infections and eyelid inflammations.

Eye makeup products can make you look gorgeous, but they can also be harmful to your sensitive eyes. Follow the above tips to keep your eyes safe and naturally stunning.


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