When you are in love and want to move your relationship forward, you might start to think about the traditional milestones that many couples decide that they want to reach. As such, if this is the case and you have decided that you would like to move your relationship a few steps further along the usual relationship trajectory, here are some of the key milestones to reach with your partner.

1. Fostering and Adopting Children

Many people feel the desire to have children at some point in their lives, and yet some people are unable to have children or decide that they would rather give a happy home to a child who needs one. As such, as a couple, you might decide to foster or adopt a child who needs you and create a family from scratch. This can be an incredibly fulfilling journey for you both and can ensure that your family continues to grow and that your home is filled with light and happiness far into the future. If you are interested in fostering a child, you should consider speaking to The FCA, who will be able to get the process rolling for you.

2. Moving in Together

However, if you are going to share your lives, this usually means that you will want to be based in one location rather than having to travel between two different homes all of the time. As such, you might consider moving in together, as this can be the first step in starting a life as a couple. Although many couples rent before they buy, buying a home can be more advantageous if you can cook up a deposit, as it can allow you to pay a mortgage that will eventually lead to you owning your own house without hundreds going down the drain each month on rent. Not only this but buying a house can allow you to get a family home that feels like your own, rather than somewhere that you are only living for the interim.

3. Getting Married

Even if you are not religious, marriage can have financial and legal benefits for you as a couple, and can give you both security, especially in the event of a death. As such, you might consider getting married to cement your relationship and show your commitment and dedication to each other. Your wedding does not have to be a traditional church wedding, though, and many people now get married in registry offices and even on beaches in foreign destinations. You could also decide to give your wedding a quirky theme.

4. Bringing a Pet Home

If you are not ready for children and yet want to grow your family, you should consider investing in a pet, such as a dog or a cat, or even a couple of fish. Although having a pet can mean that spontaneity suddenly becomes much harder, a pet can allow you to add joy and love to your life together and can allow you to find out whether you are ready for the long-term commitment of children.

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