People have different travel styles. While some prefer to leave everything behind, fly to a new location and stay in a hotel room or a rented house, others prefer to take some of the comforts with them on a trip. Most of the time, this involves being able to cook delicious meals on the go. And to do so, you have several options. So, if you’re looking for travel advice on how to cook for a big family while on the road, we put together some tips and tricks that could prove to be very useful. No matter if you decide to get an RV with the best kitchen gadgets ever or you want something that could fit in your travel bag, we have you covered.

Road Trips in an RV

If you want to make sure you have a kitchen no matter where you set camp, getting an RV is the best way around it. Depending on your budget, you can get a mobile kitchen so that no matter which country you’re visiting, you’ll always be able to provide those delicious meals to your entire family. Of course, even an RV kitchen won’t have all the utensils you have in your home, however, it’s way more convenient and comfortable than eating microwave in a hotel room.

A stove for cooking diner, a quick way to make some tea in the morning or the perfect place to prepare the meat for a barbeque are the top advantages you get when using an RV with a built-in kitchen. Big family holidays will be a lot more fun when you can gather everyone around the table, eating your favorite pasta or burgers.

Mandatory Kitchen Appliances for your Mobile Kitchen

Not only that going for a mobile kitchen makes the trip a lot more comfortable from a culinary point of view, but it also answers the question of “how to travel cheap”. Besides the plane tickets, meals represent the biggest expense on a family trip, especially when there are many mouths to feed. So, no matter if you go on the road in an RV or you pack a bag to make sure you have all the needed tools no matter where you set camp, here’s what you should consider.

Coffee Press

We’re not talking about how to pack a travel bag so that you get the most space out of your luggage compartment. The kind of trip we’re referring to involves taking plenty of stuff with you so that every morning, lunch or dinner is exactly as it would be back home. To take care of the morning coffee, you should pack an Aeropress coffee press so that you get the energy to start the day in style.

Meat Thermometer

If a barbeque is in the store where you’re traveling, you should definitely consider packing a meat thermometer. This tool is useful for both barbeques or when you cook meat in the oven. Getting the right temperature means cooking the meat exactly as everyone in the family loves it.

Chef’s Knife

Once you’re past the “where to travel” stage, you should start thinking about which knife to pack. Sure, the place where you’re staying during the holiday may have a set of knives. However, you can’t be sure that you’re going to find quality knives that will allow you to prepare the food exactly how you like it. No matter if we’re talking about slicing, chopping or cutting, having a high-quality knife will make the entire process a lot easier.

Veggie Peeler

Another tool that shouldn’t be missing from your kitchen appliances is the veggie peeler. You may think that a high-quality knife solves a problem as well, however, you’re going to lose a lot more time peeling vegetables with a knife. You can use the extra time to enjoy quality time with your family or reading your favorite book out in the sun.


Even if you’re traveling with kids, you’re going to enjoy a good bottle of wine at some point. There’s nothing more frustrating than not having the proper tool to open the bottle of wine. So, make sure to pack a corkscrew or double-check that your mobile kitchen has one in it.

There are some of the tips and tools you can use to make sure your family enjoys incredible meals while on vacation. Of course, there are probably other alternatives and we’d be thankful to all our readers that share their experiences in the comments section. What’s your plan for amazing meals when traveling?


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Chele is a huge fan of traveling. Whenever she gets the chance, she takes her family on a road trip or a prolonged vacation. Cooking is part of her preferred activities when on vacation so she wants to share great traveling ideas from a culinary perspective with others.

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