Anyone who has had more than one pregnancy knows that it is a unique experience each time. But when it has been several years or even a decade since the last one was born, it’s difficult to remember all the little quirks of being pregnant. Some might say it is much harder having a subsequent pregnancy so much later in life. But we’re older and wiser now. And the experience of before can only help guide us through the next nine months.

Of course, being older and a Mom to tweens or teenagers has taken its toll on our bodies already! This doesn’t mean you’re not fit, healthy and gorgeous. Sure, you might have been thinking about the future as a Grandmother rather than a Mom again! Things can feel a little different right from the start this time. As the body shifts and moves to make room for your new little bundle, you may be more aware of the discomfort this can bring. And the truth is, we’re just not as elastic as we were ten years ago!

Fortunately, we have a lot of little helpers around this time. The kids are old enough to help take on some of the chores and to make you a cup of fruit tea when you need a sit-down. Without a doubt, their support and assistance will make looking after your newborn so much easier too. Perhaps, with all this in mind, this pregnancy may be the most relaxed one you’ve had?

The body may be wearier this time with all that hard work to do. You may feel aches, pains and discomforts more with this pregnancy. You might have discarded all the baby and maternity things you had for your current youngest child. Retail therapy is often part of the fun of pregnancy when you need to get everything ready. But for this pregnancy, you might want to concentrate a little more on the things that will help you.

Nearly 40 And Pregnant

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To ease all those aches and help you get a good night of sleep, you could try a 12 ft maternity pillow. This allows you to support your back while getting your legs in a better position for your hips to be comfortable. They’re quite handy for taking the weight of the bump off you too. During the day, try a bump band to support the extra weight. This can be very helpful when you’re suffering backache or waddling more.

Your energy levels will rise and fall as the months go on. This is all normal, but you might not remember it from your earlier pregnancies. Even though you’re older, your skin may still revert back to a teen’s with blemishes, redness, and greasiness. Remember those swollen fingers and ankles? Yep, they could make a comeback too. The heartburn, nausea, and headaches may also turn up once or twice.

Of course, there are many parts of being pregnant that you will just love, no matter what age you are. The first kicks and hearing your baby’s heartbeat on the monitor are the moments you cherish and never forget. Congratulations!


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