We all need energy to make it through a regular day. Obviously, if you wake up feeling like a zombie, then you’re not going to have a pleasant day ahead of you! A lot of us feel stuck like this, no matter how many espressos we get down us. However, there are a number of healthy ways you can feel more energised during the day.

First of all, drink more water. This is one of the most common pieces of health advice you hear these days. Evidently, some people simply aren’t getting the message. Our bodies are over 50% water, so that should give you a little indication of how important it is. I know it’s not exactly tasty, but getting more water down your hatch can be a great way to increase your natural energy levels. Most of us experience mild dehydration at some point during the day, without even realising it. Experts have found that even a slight deficiency in water can lead to lower energy. It also slows down our metabolism, if you’re interested in losing weight! When you leave the house each day, take a large bottle of water and make it your goal to finish it.

While you’re packing up that water, try to take a couple of bananas with you as well. There are many raw foods which can make you feel more energised, but bananas are probably the best choice. The first reason for this is that they’re one of the most popular fruits in the developed world. Hopefully I’ve accommodated for some of my more fussy eaters there! Secondly, these tasty yellow snacks are bursting with all kinds of vitamins which have been shown to increase energy levels. An average sized banana has 105 calories, and a lot of potassium. They make great snacks for when you’re at work, but can also be incorporated in a range of lovely dishes.

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If you know your usual diet is brimming with energy, but you’re still not, then you may benefit from supplements. I know that these get a bad rap sometimes. However, if they’re used in moderation, they can cure your fatigue in a matter of days. Choline, for example, is linked with healthier brain activity, and is found naturally in soy lecithin. Magnesium is another popular supplement which can help people who are feeling lethargic. Some bodybuilders like to take folate pills, both to help with gaining mass and increasing energy levels. Just be careful when picking out supplements. They’re called “supplements” for a reason. Some people go completely overboard, and swap out natural, healthy foods for artificial supplements. While they can be a big help for some people, they should never be used to replace healthy parts of your diet.

If you’re struggling to keep yourself going through the day, then these changes could get you feeling completely refreshed. Be aware that my suggestions are just the tip of the iceberg though. There are many ways to increase your waking energy, many of them healthier than a line of espresso shots!



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