Hey, got engaged? Wishing you a beautiful bond and a lifetime of wedded bliss ahead!

Since now that you have your prince charming right beside, promising to be with you through the thick and thins of life, you probably be flying high atop in seventh heaven, envisioning a gleeful future with your future spouse.

Spoiler ahead…

So here’s a quick reality check to pull you back to earth.

About to get hitched in a month or so? Consider some practicalities to throw a wedding that doesn’t break the bank yet get all the expenses covered.

Tying the knot this fall? I can feel the struggle.

 I recommend that you start to actively hunt on curating frugal wedding ideas to keep the wedding as simple and as wallet-friendly as possible without actually hurting the wedding bliss.

Dreamers might be sobbing in despair, thinking what a wedding it would be without a touch of exotic luxury.

But believe me, the article ahead will cheer you up on how a conventional wedding ceremony and reception without going overboard can still be as good as a lavish one.

All you require is some sage counseling, and witty life hacks to nail a frugal wedding.

Just name it and have your desire fulfilled right away.

But before you begin reading the list of your wants to us, know that your desires and inclinations should collide with your budget.

Yes, that’s exactly what a wedding planner asks for, knowing your budget! Now we don’t want you to get in debt to finance an unforgettable life event. The key to throwing a memorable wedding is only by knowing your budget.

This practice will ensure you throw a great wedding regardless of your budget.

Whether you and your future spouse are in your early twenties or late forties, we guarantee you a heavenly wedding without going in debt.

So have a watch at my version of a frugal wedding, showcasing cost-efficient ways to host the wedding of your dreams.

Cut costs with a personal finance software

Many of the couples reading the article may not fancy ‘an economical wedding’ but what if I tell you that you can still manage to keep up with the glory of a luxurious wedding while having a frugal wedding.

Guessing how?

The secret lies in staying within your budget. I genuinely believe that tracking expenses with a personal finance software nurture a budget-oriented individual who can spot redundant expenses and dedicate those hard-earned dollar bills in his area of interest.

So yeah! That was the trick.

Visualize the wedding you want

Paint a rough sketch of the wedding you want. Done with envisioning the wedding of your fantasies?

Now jot down the things you prioritize the most or can’t imagine your wedding without. What are they?

Is it a mini wedding celebration having a backyard barbecue with only close friends and family?

Or is it a little too extravagant like a lavish reception with all the groomsmen and bridesmaid beside?

Well, whatsoever you wish, know that your need to respect priorities to minimize the odds of being broke after saying ‘I do.’

Consider having ‘the budget talk.’

You must be aware of the individuals contributing to the wedding. Gather all the generous contributors in one place to have ‘the budget talk.’

Be upfront and talk honestly on how much each member is willing to spend. The more vocal you will be about the payables, the more quickly you can craft a realistic budget.

Once you know the budget, you will be able to allocate money towards each section mindfully.

Split the negotiable and non-negotiable apart

Now, this is tricky. You might encounter disagreements at this point, but I believe communication is key to untangle the confusion.

So have the talk with your better half and ask him the top two things without which he can’t imagine his big day.

Have your wish lists crafted?

Now sit together and split the negotiables and non-negotiables apart to see what finally makes it to the budget list.

Be a savvy negotiator and negotiate every bit of it.

Keep it intimate, keep it precise

Many of the marrying couples have huge friend circles. Sadly, budget constraints force us to keep narrowing the guest list down.

Not to mention, keeping the guest list limited to close friends and family considerably cut costs.

I personally suggest marrying couples should reevaluate on whom they can’t miss inviting on their special day.

Try cutting the ones with whom you’ve lost connection and keep précising the guest list until you’ve only the important members left on the list.

Say yes to bespoke wedding invites

Have access to a quality printer at home and some spare time on hand? If so, devote the time to reducing the wedding costs.


Design chic invitations on your own and go for bespoke invites. Get a sleek font, type the invitation, and print as many invites as you want.

But if not that you can also try your hand at E-vites to pinch more pennies.

Keep an eagle eye on wedding discounts

Wish to pinch more pennies to meet ends?

Hack #1. Avoid ordering a custom-made dress.

Hack #2. Look for dresses off the rack.

Hack #3. Shop ahead of time.

Hack #4. Have your bridesmaids wear a particular color instead of following a single theme.

Tie the knot in the offseason

My final hack is to marry in the off-season.

Although I can’t guarantee you what it would bring but one thing that is sure to happen is a better chance of receiving huge discounts or other benefits than marrying in a peak month.

So this is it! Add some more ideas if you think I missed out any, and if you are someone getting married real-soon, remember that nothing is naiver then going into Debt to Say ‘I Do.’

Make a wise move and throw a frugal wedding! I bet you won’t regret it.

Author Bio:

Emma Thomas is a content writer and a copywriter.  A writer by day and a reader by night, she can be often found picking cherries in summer Afternoons

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