Women’s fashion is a male-dominated field. It always has been, and still is today. But, today the industry is more flexible. Women have found their voice. We no longer try to force our bodies into styles that are designed for women who are shaped differently. This has always been an issue for formal wear, but today’s woman expects to be uniquely fabulous in casual wear as well.

Discovering our bodies

We are beautiful no matter our size, shape, or height. We no longer use clothing to hide our “flaws” but to accent our best qualities. To do that, we have to know our measurements. This means the width of our shoulders, the inseam of our pants, even the inches from our neck to where we want our necklines to fall.

Forget everything you thought you knew about fashion

Some myths that have been handed down for generations. We take them as law and never stray from them.  Here are a few that are proven untrue:

  • Larger women should not wear bright colors
  • Horizontal stripes are only for thin women who want to look bigger
  • Wearing high heels make you look top heavy
  • Heavy women must wear baggy clothes

None of these myths are true. No matter how large or small you are, you can wear pretty prints, horizontal stripes, and bright colors. The trick is finding the right size print, a wider stripe, and a color that compliments your skin tone and hair and eye color.

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Tee shirts

Tee shirts are a major part of our wardrobe. They are comfortable. They can be worn with jackets, vests, and layered shirts. Tee-shirts look great with jeans, shorts, cute skirts and over swimwear.

You can buy personalized t-shirts printed by The Tee Hive that are custom made for you. Custom shirts for your company picnic, your baseball team, or for a charity car wash is always a great hit.

The fact is, everybody can wear tee shirts, and everybody loves tee shirts. But, before you begin, take a look at what you need in a shirt.

The fit

Here are a few tips that will help you order the right shirts so you will always look your best.

  • The neckline of a crew neck should fit a bit loosely but not look stretched out.
  • A V-neck tee shirt should not be too deep. The end of the V should not be lower than the bicep of the arms
  • The sleeves of a tee shirt should touch the arms but not be too tight. The sleeves should not be very loose. They should comfortably touch the skin.
  • The length of a tee shirt should be mid-crotch. This allows you to wear the shirt tucked in or left out.

Women no longer let others decide what they should wear. They can wear any style, any color, and any cut that makes them feel good. Beauty is not determined by the size stamped on the tag. Branch out and try something new. Forget the “rules” of the past. Let your style shine through and enjoy being you.

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