The popularity of outdoor bathrooms is becoming increasingly prevalent among California residents. As the weather becomes warmer during the spring and summer, homeowners begin to crave bright colors, fresh air, and sunshine- that’s where outdoor bathroom remodeling steps in.

People often worry that an outdoor bathroom will end up feeling like an unheated mudroom (or worse, a public restroom). However, this does not have to be the case.

Outdoor privacy screens shield neighbors while still allowing for outside views; exterior lighting can be installed under eaves or on posts to highlight landscaping features, and water-saving fixtures make it possible to maintain luxurious amenities while reducing waste.

The result is a space where residents are free to enjoy their own personal oasis without sacrificing modern conveniences.

The following trends have been identified as the most popular for outdoor bathrooms:

Water Features

Whether it’s an in-ground pool, a hot tub, or some other water feature, this trend is very popular among California residents. In addition to being visually appealing, they provide an alternative to daily showers before going inside. They also allow for cooling off on those sweltering summer days.

Creative Plumbing and Wiring

Owners of outdoor bathrooms try their best to conceal all wires and pipes that appear unsightly and take away from the design and décor of the bathroom itself.

One idea is using natural rocks or boulders to cover up exposed piping or wiring that runs along walls or ceilings; another option is to have the landscaping done in a way that conceals these elements, making them appear as part of the natural landscaping.

Stone and Terrazzo Walls

Stone has long been used to construct bathrooms for its durability, resistance to water damage, and appearance. Terrazzo is another popular option for walls- it is a non-slip surface that resists mold, bacteria, and algae growth; it also provides color throughout the year due to its salt content; however, some designs require resurfacing every three years or so.

Hot Tubs

This is one of the most popular trends among homeowners with outdoor spaces designed for entertaining family and friends. These can be placed on decks or patios, near swimming pools, or adjacent to fire pits; the layout of the backyard will determine where to place it.

Custom Showers and Enclosures

Showering is one of the most important elements of personal hygiene; therefore, homeowners choose to invest in custom showers that can adequately accommodate their size and needs.

Walk-in styles with built-in seats are becoming increasingly popular for comfort and convenience, as is having a glass enclosure rather than plastic curtains or doors for an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Mosaic Outdoor Backsplashes

Who doesn’t want natural stone backsplashes? With these stylish designs, you can easily brighten up your outdoor bathroom and make it feel like part of your indoor space at home; they come in several colors and patterns to match the décor of your outdoor bathroom.

Dark Grout

When installing a backsplash, homeowners often prefer darker grout in order to make the design stand out and give it a more contemporary look. This can be done either by choosing a specific color of grout or applying an epoxy finish over dark tiles.

Porcelain Tiles

Tiles come in several colors and patterns that add a stylish touch to any outdoor space; they also provide durability to fight against harsh weather conditions such as rain and frost in cold climates. Tile is easy to install, clean, and maintain for years of continued use after the initial installation process has been completed.

Opaque Glass Shower Doors

This is popular among homeowners who want to maintain an open feeling for their outdoor bathroom, while still offering privacy. It’s also great for maintaining consistency with the indoor décor of the home.

Polished Concrete Flooring

Although it is soft to walk on, this material is durable and easy to clean; plus, it prevents slips and falls caused by standing water or other forms of moisture that could appear over time.

It can take some time to dry out after rainfall or washing down with a hose due to its porous nature, so drain holes are commonly found in polished concrete surfaces near showers and entry/exit locations.

Should You Consider Bathroom Remodeling Companies?

You need to find bathroom remodeling companies that can give you the services you want. Before hiring them, make sure to ask for their portfolio and customer references. Get online reviews from previous clients they’ve worked within the past. 

You can even find bathroom remodeling companies that work with eco-friendly materials.

Before hiring a bathroom remodeling company, make sure to ask for their portfolio and customer references. Get online reviews from previous clients they’ve worked within the past. You can also find a bathroom remodeling company that works with eco-friendly materials.

How Do You Price Out a Bathroom Renovation?

To estimate how much your project will cost, you need to gather information on the scope of work involved as well as average material costs from suppliers or manufacturers.

If you plan a bathroom renovation project, they range between $10k and $30k depending on the size of your home, design changes needed and labor costs within the region where you live.

In addition to budgeting money for supplies, be sure to allow extra funds for unexpected expenses such as plumbing problems and damage caused by installation delays.

How Do You Find Bathroom Remodeling Companies?

You can find bathroom remodeling companies by searching online directories or getting referrals from friends and family who’ve recently had renovations done on their homes. It’s also important to drive around your neighborhood, as many bathroom remodeling contractors will advertise in your area or post flyers on telephone poles.

What Are the Benefits of Choosing Eco-Friendly Materials for a Bathroom Renovation Project?

Eco-friendly materials offer homeowners many benefits including lower costs for labor, installation, and long-term upkeep. Many suppliers of eco-friendly materials provide warranty policies that ensure their products last longer than traditional building supplies.

Aside from being better for the environment, these materials are often just as durable as non-eco-friendly alternatives so you can continue using them for years without sacrificing quality.

How Do You Maintain a Polished Concrete Floor in the Bathroom?

Polished concrete flooring does require regular maintenance to keep it looking nice and prevent dirt from getting trapped within its pores.

You can do this with a simple sweeping of the surface or by applying an acrylic sealer once every few years if you prefer more protection (this helps stave off stains caused by mildew and mold, but make sure to read manufacturer instructions before applying any coatings).

Polished concrete is permeable so standing water will need to be drained through holes or weep cracks that are installed into the surface prior to the finishing process.

What Are Some Examples of Common Materials Used in Outdoor Bathrooms?

Some common materials used for outdoor bathrooms include natural stone, concrete, and wood. These materials are all durable and long-lasting so you can enjoy your new bathroom for many years to come without having to conduct a major renovation. You can ask a local bathroom renovation contractor to give you advice.

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