The birth of a new baby is one of those events that everyone loves to celebrate. New life in the world, a new cute kid to play with, and all the better if you can hand them back! Supporting your friends when they become Mums is a huge part of female friendship, and one of the unending joys.

In the context of that support, you’re going to want to find a gift for after the birth. In a time when most women are stressed, exhausted and panicked, it can be difficult to know what the perfect antidote is. Your usual gift ideas of nights out on the town or lashings of alcohol don’t quite seem appropriate for a new Mum. Time to think outside the box.

Massage Certificates

If you really want to push the boat out and earn yourself a title of Best Friend of the Year, then add in an offer to babysit during the visit. New Mums are usually so tired they can barely think straight. An hour to think about themselves and work out some of the inevitable aches and pains is going to seem like a blessing. It might be the first chance she’s had since the birth to relax, and massage has plenty of benefits.

A good tip is to have the certificate last for as long as you can find. You don’t want her to feel rushed into having to redeem it in a short time frame. Time is of the essence to your friend right now; don’t add to the stress.


It may seem that any new Mum is going to have the essentials for the baby already purchased, but you’d be surprised how quickly they vanish. There is an endless need for outfits, diapers and all the bits and pieces that a new baby requires. Even if you feel like you’re adding to an ever-growing stockpile, don’t worry, it will be used.

If you want something a little more treat and less useful, then you can also find baby gift hampers that will offer a little pampering too. Many services will also offer to custom-make something so that you can pick the contents with your friend in mind.

Prepared Meals

Remember how time is of the essence? The last thing any new parents want to do is spend hours slaving over a hot stove. In the initial adjustment period after baby’s birth, a prepared meal would be very welcome.

If you’re confident in your cooking abilities, then you could make and freeze a few days worth of meals. If you’re less skilled on the culinary front, then consider vouchers for takeaways or packaged meals that you shop for and deliver.

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Image by Ben Kerckx


The last gift is not going to cost you anything, and could well be the most appreciated of all. One of the major issues that new parents face is the feeling of isolation from their original lives. Make time for her. Make it clear that she still matters in your life, and you care about her. Don’t think you’re going to have to talk about babies non-stop- chances are, she’d appreciate a break from that topic too.

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