If your best girl is about to get married, then the hen party for her is not far away. You being the best friend, the responsibility for organising the stag do come onto your shoulders. The hen party is probably the most awaited event of the wedding because it lets the bride relax herself a bit from the frenzy of the wedding preparations. Hen parties are the places of the most astounding gossip, fun and secrets being unfolded. If your girl demands a hen party in a particular way, then you being the organiser, must give it to her at any cost. The first and the foremost in this is deciding the theme for the hen party.

Let us consider some of the most popular hen party themes for the best hen do your girl can ever get.

Vintage theme hen party

Well, if your girl likes it the classic way, then be it. It is not always necessary to get sloshed in a bar and celebrate that way. Why not dress in elegant polka dot dresses or mini skirts and enjoy the afternoon tea with your girls! Vintage hen party theme brings with itself a large number of activities that will make you enjoy the party to the fullest. You can have a vintage style photo booth to have the most memorable photo session. Vintage music, vintage cocktails and a vintage style makeover, these are the minimum requirements for your fantastic hen do for the most amazing girl in your gang.

‘Her Favourite TV series’ theme

This is one of the most popular hen party themes currently. You being the best friend must be aware of the TV series that amuses your girl the most. It can be Friends or Game of Thrones or any other celebrated series. What you only have to do is get your venue decorated according to the TV series, all the activities related to that and everyone’s attire must be like one of the characters of the series. It is up to them as to who wants to be Rachel from Friends or Cersei from Game of Thrones. You can have a photo shoot when all your friends are clad in the decided character and then let the party begin with the best food and booze.

The flower festival

If summer is the time of the stag do, then there is nothing better than a flowery hen party. It gives the essence of the season and what is better than an easy breezy hen do to bid farewell to the single hood of your dearest girl! Ask your girls to be dressed in flowery dresses, choose a destination that is not confined and decorate it with the bride’s favourite flowers. Tiaras made of flowers can be the one common thing amongst everyone. With the best music, the best food and the best company, this hen does will be memorable for everyone who will be a part of it.

Colour coordinated for the day

This is one of the easiest themes to comply. All you need to do is choose a colour, of course, the favourite colour of the bride and get everything done with this colour theme. All the decoration, everyone’s dresses, and even the cake must be of the same colour. Monochrome is still very much in fashion then why not have a hen party on the same lines! It won’t be difficult for the girls to find dresses of the same colour, isn’t it?

Your girl deserves the best and so her hen party must also be the best. You being the best bridesmaid, you must give her everything she has ever wanted for her hen party!

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