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You know you should be healthier. You know it’s possible to be healthier; that there are ways and means of being able to manage it. But you can’t get over one bone of contention…

You hate the idea of trying something new.

There is a tendency for us all to apply this kind of pickiness when we begin trying to live a healthier lifestyle. We have spent so long sticking with the things we know, the foods and drinks that we trust, that doing anything else feels like a bolt from the blue. We are firmly attached to our comfort zones – so can I give you good enough reasons to step out of it?

Reason 1 – You Could Be Denying Your Health

This is, of course, the most defining reason of them all but it still has to be mentioned. If you decide against trying unusual things, then you’re missing out – in more ways than one.

It’s so easy to just dismiss something as not being a good idea. To just assume that we won’t like it, based on a sniff of it or even its appearance. We have all witnessed a picky eater turning down food or a drink because they just don’t like the idea of it.

With alternate sources of good health, this predilection becomes all the more troubling. Not only are you denying yourself the sensory enjoyment of consuming something and finding you unexpectedly love it, but you might be denying your health.

Say, for example, you have a weakness for coffee. There is nothing inherently wrong with coffee; there is even some argument for it as a health food. However, there is a lot more argument for Matcha in terms of health. Matcha is a refined, concentrated form of green tea, which multiple sources have been extolling the benefits of for years. The likes of Joy of Matcha have got this down to an art, producing a stunning product  – but yes, on first glance, they don’t look so appetizing. So you stick with coffee for your morning jolt of caffeine.

So despite the fact that there is an infinitely more healthy option, that produces the same impacts as coffee, you keep making the same choice. You deny yourself a health benefit for no other reason that it offends the idea of something. Is it really worth it?

Reason 2 – There’s No Harm In Trying

Well, not unless someone is offering you the sparkling new drink that everyone is raving about: Cyanide Cocktails! Then there is probably quite a lot of harm in trying.

For anything not quite so far up the scale of poisonous, however, there’s nothing wrong with experimentation. If you hate it – fine, at least you know you hate it now. If you don’t hate it, then you’ve tried something new and got something more to add to your arsenal of tools for good health.

You can do your research before grabbing the latest new thing that everyone is raving about. But if it appears to be safe, hold your nose and give it a go – it could be your latest great discovery.

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