Years later, your edges are not coming back, and your hairline keeps receding yet, we don’t expect you to have a naturally receding hairline, and you have tried everything you know, have read and hear, but your hairline keeps alluding you. How about that false hope the last tip gave you only for things to worsen? Well, we understand your frustrations and knowing how many more women (and men) share your struggles, we’ve come up with a few solutions proven to restore the edges and encourage healthy growth.

While you may argue that you are not your hair, it’s clear that you would want to have a full hairline, at the very least, right? Well, keep reading to find out how you can revive your edges.

Be careful with extensions

Now, extensions come highly recommended on the list of protective styling. They are versatile, fun, and you can have them on for weeks on end. Unfortunately, they hardly protect edges well because of constant tugging. Since the hair around the edges is soft, you risk straining your edges further especially when you have thin hair or when you keep the braids on for too long. But, this does not mean avoiding extensions completely. All you need to do is to make smarter decisions.

Invest in high-quality hair extensions. Though costly, premium-quality hair lasts long and there is a reduced risk of allergies on the scalp. You also need to talk to your stylist and ask him/ her to loosen up the braids for the scalp to have some breathing room. If you are unsure of the stylist’s ability to braid loosely, you might want to apply a gel to your edges so that they are not touched or tugged.

Also, you don’t need the longest hair extensions. You may also want to have a Short Lace Front Wigs┬áif you feel like getting crazy. And also, you shouldn’t let them stay on for more than three months. Remember that your hair needs oxygen delivered to scalp for healthy growth and so, you must give your hair and scalp a good wash.

Lastly, you should consider using a weaving cap once the hair is braided to prevent the needle from going directly into your hair. Doing this ensures that you have space for growth and moisture. You also need to lay off ponytails because they exert a lot of tension on the hair that is already tightly braided.

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Let the edges breathe

Most times, the best way for you to encourage your edges to grow is by leaving the edges alone. Yes, don’t touch them and let your edges relax. So, once in a while, even if you love trying out different extensions, just let your hair breath. Let your hair down and let air flow through it. Alternatively, you could ask your stylist to put the extension but leave out your edges.

Make castor oil your best friend

Yes, you heard that right! Jamaican castor oil is a great natural oil that encourages hair growth, and it works well on edges. It is a thick, deeply nourishing oil that will protect your hair and also encourage fullness. The other reason why castor oil is the right oil for edges is that it sticks to the hair better compared to other oils. It will also reduce frizziness, as well as tangles; it’s a great moisturizer and cosmetic consultants New York note that this oil is full of healthy fatty acids, particularly the omega-9-fatty acid ricinoleic acid that has antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects.

Castor oil will fight infections that cause inflammations in the hair follicles, hence proper circulation of blood to the follicles. Its antioxidant properties will reduce the level of damage in the skin cells making the scalp.

Other oils you might want to try include:

Peppermint oil with jojoba oil as the carrier oil- its antibacterial properties help in ridding the scalp of impurities that prevent growth. Peppermint oil will also relax hair follicles to promote healthy growth.

Aloe Vera – it’s antibacterial, and it prevents the build-up of dead skin. It also balances and restores the skin’s pH, giving hair its shine and health, while preventing hair loss.

You should invest in an alcohol-free gel to avoid excessive drying of the hair and the skin.

You also need to avoid greasy products to encourage breathing through the pores.

Choose what you sleep on and cover your hair with carefully

A satin hair cap is invaluable because it protects the hair by encouraging moisture retention. You also need to invest in cozy silk pillowcases which will keep your hair moisturized, and you won’t have to worry about brittle or dry hair in the morning.

Wondering what else you need to do to encourage healthy growth of your hair, not just the edges?

  • Always use a safe and gentle hair conditioner whenever you use shampoo. Shampoos strip hair of essential oils and proteins, and you need a conditioner to replace the lost oils and proteins and also to seal in the hair cuticle to prevent further damage.
  • You should not shampoo your hair every time you take a shower. The shampoo is a chemical meant to wash away build up dirt, and when doing that, it makes your hair vulnerable to damage. So, use shampoos occasionally and when you have to, lather a little shampoo in on the scalp only the let the suds slide off the strands.
  • Cold water rinses: after washing your hair, you’ll need cold water rinse to lay down the outer layer of the hair smoothly and to prevent loss of moisture, hair damage, and snags.
  • Check your diet and increase your intake of iron and zinc to ensure that hair growth is not obstructed. So, eat more green vegetables, lean meats, and antioxidant-rich foods.
  • You should de-stress through Yoga and meditation
  • Engage in physical activity to encourage healthy circulation of oxygen and the elimination of toxins and wastes from the hair follicles.
  • Reduce heat exposure and use heat protection products if you must apply heat.
  • Don’t wrap your hair in a towel because the towel encourages further breakage and also hair gets caught up in the woven fibers.

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