Our body was honed by nature to heal itself. And the body’s natural healing process is done continuously even while you sleep. Yes, our body is “renewing” itself each day. But the fact remains, if you do not receive enough sustenance, this healing process will be a lot slower than what it can normally do. Thus if you wanted your body to do its job perfectly, you need to eat healthily. Just like when you need to deal with hair loss. You need to get the right nutrition to keep up with the hair shedding process.

But why is protein is important in reversing hair loss? It’s because hair is made of keratin, a kind of protein. And how your body copes up with hair loss is largely dependent on the amount and quality of protein you eat. You see, the right nutrition your body gets serves as the building blocks when it needs to repair a cell or tissue. This shows that hair loss could be related to poor nutrition.

But firsts, do not forget the basics, your hair does shed every day. And on average, that’s a hundred strands on a 24-hour period. If you look at it, it’s quite huge but is normal nonetheless. But it becomes alarming when you can see that your hair is thinning. A good test is when you can already see your scalp when looking in the mirror. This shows that your hair is actually shedding more than what can be replaced.

Protein is an integral part of proper bodily functions. This is the reason why we need to take enough amounts each day. What happens when you lack enough level of protein in your system is that your hair will be the first to show the symptoms. The main reason for this is the fact that your hair does not really pose a huge threat to your health when it lags behind in its regrowth. So what your body does is distribute the available resources first to your internal organs. This is a natural process and you cannot do anything about it. It’s just a natural law of nature.

Your hair is actually among the last on that very long list of distribution. And thus it will receive what’s left after everything is filled. This cycle can be altered though. What you can do is choose your foods wisely. You do need to eat a lot of meat in order to reverse your situation. Only that you have to choose healthy foods. Some foods actually interact with the protein in a negative way by blocking the body’s ability to properly absorb it.

Likewise, there are foods that help make use of the available protein in your body more efficiently. But of course, too much protein can also be a waste just like in the case of protein supplements. For that, unless you’re a muscle builder, you don’t need to go hunting for the best protein supplements as excess supply will also render ill effects.

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