The fact is that half of the world lives on the equator in humid and hot weather. The entire Middle East, whole Asia Pacific, Africa, Australia, and half of Europe live in an exceptionally humid and warm climate for three fourth of their full year.

The result is that humanity has needed a breathable fabric that will be light and useful in these weather since the age of knowledge. Bird of Paradise linen clothing brand is the most celebrated clothing material in Asia, Europe, and Africa and mainly due to the simple and effective uses it has.

So today we have decided to list the many ways that linen is used in the modern world:

Home Decor

Linen is light and breathable, and that is why it is the best fabric to be used in home decor. There are many ways that the material is used; a few of them are as follows:

Linen Curtains

As the heavier curtains become heavy and collect dust, many household decor catalogs use linen curtains to show the breathability of the room. They are light, and so they are easy to take down and wash.

They also have a very soft texture, so they are easy to manage. Unlike other curtains that collect dust and become heavy, they stay light and easy to use. They are known to give a freshness to the room as they can let the sunlight in. They are used in Mediterranean areas because they lower the intensity of sunlight and cool it down.

Linen Sheets

Linen sheets are commonly used in the Middle East and South East Asia and have vibrant and diverse prints. There is a strong culture of dying the fabric to gain the right color schemes. The linen material is ideal because it absorbs the strong colors and brings a whole new style to the sheets.

The sheets are used in multiple ways from table cloths that are printed or embroidered or the bedsheets. All of these designs are representatives of the culture that they belong in. In Europe, plain white sheets are considered a part of local heritage.

In France, Italy, and Spain, plain white table cloth and bed sheets are widespread. In the warm and humid areas, these sheets are usually made of the linen fabric.

The word ‘linen’ is used in America to this day as a way to address the bedsheets. Linen closet means the bedsheet closet. The reason is that the linen fabric is a strongly used material for bedsheets in Europe and the United Kingdom, where the American population has descended from.

The cultural heritage of linen as used in the home decor has only grown with time, and now, the world uses linen products for decoration as well as a light covering of the house items.

Linen Clothing

Linen clothing is a whole new idea in itself. Linen is a major clothing industry in South East Asia, and the brands that produce linen products are considered iconic in India and Pakistan. In Europe, linen shirts and styles are considered the best there is in the market.

Here are a few commonly found clothing items for linen that are used in the Western World.

Linen Shirts

These are most commonly used in hot and humid climates and come in both vibrant colors and whites. These are considered a good alternative to the satin shirts that are too hot in the summer. They are formal and yet have a cool and comfortable feel.

Summer Dresses

The most important use of linen clothing is in summer dresses. The main concept of a summer dress was a plain white dress of ankle length, but they have evolved a great deal in the past century.

They are essential clothing items in the summer and are also known as cocktail dresses. These are light and breathable dresses that come in vibrant, plain, and floral prints that bring the light and jovial vibe to the room.

Summer Pants

Summer pants are simple and plain pants that are made of cotton-based linen material. They are light and breathable pants that are usually available in white colors. These kinds of pants are most commonly used in Italy and Spain as they are humid and warm regions.

They also commonly used in California and Florida regions along with Australia. The reason is that they are comfortable to wear and bring professionalism to comfortable clothing style.

Linen Skirts

These are also near iconic clothing items that are a cultural norm in the western world. Linen skirts are light and breathable skirts that are usually ankle length and come in a long range of styles.

The main concept behind these clothing items is to provide a breathable and light dressing option for everyday dressing. These are commonly used in the Mediterranean region as well.

Linen is an exceptionally celebrated clothing material in Aisa with the Asia Pacific having customized Kumunos that are made out of the linen clothing. While linen fashion is a highly celebrated cultural norm in South East Asia.

The reason is that these are hot and humid regions where winter is less than three months long. For the rest of the year, the common folks need a comfortable and breathable attire that they can enjoy in the local weather.

Linen is the perfect brand that brings coolness to the skin and keeps the skin healthy. Even cotton, the coolest material in the Western world, is considered too heavy in these regions. That is why a clothing option that is tissue paper-thin and yet sturdy and high quality is a concept that these regions can admire.

All in all, linen is the best fabric for you to design your home decor and to organize your closet. It is most commonly used when people are taking trips to Europe as it is light and looks great in pictures!

So get out there and get ready for this summer with good linen collection.


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