Flowers invoke happiness and joy with their cheerful colors, seductive scents, and attractive shapes. So it’s not surprising that they started ending up on wallpapers, linens and other parts of home décor, and that’s been going on for quite a while. Floral arrangements have decorated bedrooms in one shape or another to give it fresh and peaceful look. Although many might find this design a bit tacky, floral patterns have gone a long way and today they come in different shapes and sizes, ranging from contemporary pastel arrangements to vintage delicate one.

Usually, when deciding to use the floral motifs, people choose their favorite flower. That’s why we’ve come up with ideas for rose details in your bedroom, considering it’s the most favored flower of all.

Surround yourself with roses

If you are still timid about going floral all the way in your bedroom, consider doing it step by step. Overwhelming your senses with flowery motifs can ruin the overall experience for you, so it’s better to start with something ordinary, like the walls. You can choose wallpapers or stickers to place directly over the painted walls. Roses come in different shapes and sizes, not to mention their various colors, so you can easily combine them with the rest of the décor. The best effect you’ll achieve if you use floral motifs over warmly colored backgrounds to highlight the elegance or pastel tones for that sophisticated look.

Fresh flowers every day

If you like subtle or minimalistic designs and still want to have roses in your bedroom, consider keeping them in a vase on your window, nightstand or vanity. Real roses will wither over time, but their smell is irreplaceable. On the other hand, there is a very wide choice of artificial flowers which range in quality and authenticity. Some even come as potted plants in form of rose trees or small rose bushes. Such a small detail of having actual or replication of a flower in your bedroom will make it warm and be welcoming while keeping its original minimal and clean décor.

Make your fabrics out of roses

Floral upholstery on the chair and sofas and linens for your bed can let your bedroom turn into the romantic getaway from the world. Combining big flowers on the covers with small ones on the pillows while keeping the same background for both patterns will make you feel as though you sleep on a bed of roses. Even if you decide to rose up your curtains, you can do it with transparent and thinner fabric in lighter color, maybe even white, with floral decorations embroidered at the bottom or on the sides. Avoid darker background and pattern combinations, so your furniture wouldn’t look cheap instead of classy.

Fit everything nicely

Unfortunately, you will have to remove some items from your bedroom in order to fit everything nicely with your new décor. To make sure your belongings will not be damaged or wasted away while you enjoy your rosy design, place those things in the supercheap storage, Newcastle and its area have a really good and quality offer at your disposal. Floral designs require some adjustments to avoid being tacky and kitsch, but on the other hand, this kind of change may be good to refresh your space and create a new environment for you to enjoy.

Rose details here and there

Placing a rose detail as a painting on the wall, or as an ornament on your mirror frame can bring out the sophisticated element of your bedroom. This will not go unnoticed, even if small and well integrated into the overall interior, but it also won’t be flashy or highlighted. These kinds of discreet details will most certainly add value to your modest décor and make you enjoy the very notion that they’re there without being overwhelmed by their presence. And the best part is that these kinds of changes don’t require any big renovations or changes to the existing interior design.


Choosing to be surrounded by flowers and their beauty will help you get to know your romantic personality and make a protective shell out of your bedroom. Since the smallest rosy detail can touch your soul, use it to warm up to the idea of having a floral sleeping area. However big you go on the floral patterns and designs, the one thing is unavoidable – you’ll wake up with a smile and enjoy the beautiful sight of colorful flowers and an eternal spring in your bedroom.

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