When you have young children and pets in your home, you will want to ensure that the flooring material is simple to keep clean and avoid germs and dust from accumulating. When there is too much dust in your home, it can lead to allergies to dust from starting, so preventing this should be a top priority.

If you are looking to replace the floors in your home, below are some of the best materials you can choose to keep your home clean and hygienic and keep those allergies away.

The Bad Thing About Carpets

Carpets can look fantastic in your home, and they are also useful when the weather gets colder, but they are much harder to keep clean than other types of flooring material. Even when you vacuum your carpets, there can still be dust and germs in the carpet pile, and they are also prone to staining. Even with excellent care and a carpet that says it is stain-resistant when you have children and pets, it can soon start to look tired and worn and in need of replacing.

Opting For Cork Flooring

Cork flooring is easy to clean and maintain, which makes cork as the best hygienic flooring choice for those with pets and children at home. It is also non-slip, making it ideal for high traffic areas like the kitchen and entrance hallways. Other advantages of cork flooring include its anti-fungal and bacterial properties, which prevent the growth of mildew and mould in high traffic areas. It is also antiseptic, thus reducing the risk of sewage contamination. To know more about this type of flooring, it’s worth visiting the cork floor suppliers Melbourne has, or you can search on Google for a supplier near you, if you live outside the city.

Choosing A Hardwood Floor

An excellent choice for your home, which is simple to keep clean and does not stain is selecting hardwood floors. Hardwood floors come in various patterns and colours, and with a quick sweep every day, you can keep them dust-free. They also do not stain, and they are easy to clean when you have a spillage. When it comes to selecting hardwood timber, there are many reputable companies where you can purchase your new floors. If you have experience with DIY, it is also something that you can install yourself, which can help you to save some money when it comes to replacing your flooring in your home.

Selecting A Tile Floor

Another excellent option that is easily cleaned and does not stain is tiling your home’s rooms. Floor tiles are available in a vast array of different sizes, colours, and patterns, with suitable options to meet most price points. You will want to ensure that you do not drop anything heavy on your tiles or they could crack, and when well taken care of, they can last for a long time and are one of the most durable flooring materials that you can buy. You can install these yourself, but it will take some time and effort, whereas a professional will do it in a much quicker time. They are also an excellent option when you live in a warm climate, and they help keep your home nice and cool, although they can also be slippery.

Opting For A Vinyl Floor

Vinyl flooring is another option which is simple to clean and take care of, and this type of flooring is available in many different colours and designs. Compared to the options above, vinyl flooring will not last as long, as it can also get stained, and they are also prone to melting if you drop something hot on them. However, you can keep them sparkling clean by brushing them every day, and a quick mop will have them sparkling in no time.

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