A whole food diet is the most healthy diet you can eat. It is good for your body in many ways. But some people get put off cooking this way because they fear making everything from scratch. They think it will take up too much time and cost them too much effort. Yes, this can be difficult when you first start, but there are things that can make it a lot easier. Read on to find out what they are and how you can utilize them in your own kitchen.

Food Mixer

The first thing you need to treat yourself to is a good quality food mixer. Check out the reviews on sites like Mixer Picks to see what would work best your family and your kitchen.

Remember that the more attachments you have, the more things you will be able to do. That mean fewer things you will have to do by hand. The trick to being successful with a whole food diet is making it as easy as possible.

That is why you should pick one out that has bread dough hooks, a pasta machine, and a strong mixing arm. This last item is helpful in mixing your own, nut butter. Nuts can be so tough on mixers and processors so you will need to make sure that yours is robust.

Fresh Foods

If you do find yourself with loads of veg that is about to go over, you can always make a delicious soup out of it. Then you can freeze that easily, and it doesn’t need any additives either! Then you’ll have a delicious meal for any time of the day that fits in with the whole food diet.  

Keep Your Store Cupboard Organised

Of course, there are lots of other ingredients to use in a whole food diet as well as fresh fruit and vegetables. You should also be including couscous, whole wheat pasta and wild rice. Lentils and beans are also excellent sources of fiber and protein too.


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All of these can be stored dried in your kitchen cupboards. To make it easy to see what you have and when you are running out, store them in glass jars. By keeping your stocks organized like this, it will make it a lot easier to cook and shop.                                               


Something else new that you can do to ensure that you always have a whole food meal at hand is to prepare your meals for the week at the weekend. You can cook up a large batch of something like this for lunch and divide it into 5 pots and store it in the fridge or freezer.

You can also cut your veg and marinate your meat ahead of time. So it’s much easier and quicker to cook when it comes to the evening meal.

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