Our skin needs attention and care on daily basis. Of course, it isn’t that big of a challenge when our usual routine is getting up in the morning, going to work, coming back home, having dinner and eventually tucking ourselves in our cozy beds in the evening. In the meanwhile, we take care of our skin at least once a day, whether it is putting a moisturizer in the morning or taking our makeup off and cleansing our faces before bedtime. Sometimes we put additional effort into pampering our skin by using nutritive face masks and face scrubs or visiting a beautician.

One day, after months and months of a routine skin care, we decide to go on holiday and travel somewhere far, away from everything familiar. As much as it sounds exciting and relaxing, how does our skin feel about that change? Will it react the same as we – feeling refreshed and youthful? The chances are our skin will create certain discomfort to us and cast shadow to our perfect getaway. Maybe it will suddenly get all dry and lifeless, or oily and too shiny. It could become irritated and itchy or simply make you feel older thanks to wrinkles that showed up from nowhere. The holiday doesn’t sound so carefree anymore, does it?

Why our skin reacts badly to traveling?

As much as our skin’s reaction when traveling is annoying, we can’t really be surprised by it. If we stop and think about all the things that change once we go on holiday, it’s no surprise we face with various skin problems. Let’s just take a quick look at all the factors influencing our skin:

  • Products that you use – chances are you will have to pack lightly when traveling, so a great number of skin products will be left at home. Most of the creams and ointments that your skin is used to will be out of your reach while on holiday.
  • Disrupted schedule – not only that you will have to give up some skin products, but you will also skip some usual treatments because the trip will make you change your routine.
  • Different climate – no matter if you stay in your country for your holiday, you will still expose your skin to different climate conditions, so it will need some time to adjust to them.
  • New accommodation – things such as air conditioning and heating systems in the place you’re staying can also make a difference.
  • The stress of traveling – no matter how well-organized your trip is, you will still feel some level of stress, which can ultimately show up on your skin.
  • Unusual nutrition – not eating food our body is accustomed to and not having the chance to keep our body hydrated enough definitely takes its toll on the skin.

Different conditions – different skin care

So, what can we do to help our skin cope with all these changes? In general, we need to understand that changed conditions demand a different type of treatment than usual. Here are a couple of tips on how we can prevent our skin going all crazy while traveling:

  1. Choose your products wisely – you will have to economize when it comes to your skin products, so make sure you have your usual moisturizer, a cleanser, and a serum to help you deal with the dryness your skin will be exposed to. A hydrating mask will also come in handy. Facial steamers also work beautifully to keep a youthful skin and have it glowing. And let’s not forget blotting cloths in case you have oily skin – they are way better than usual tissues.
  2. Prepare the skin for the journey – your skin will get dry, whether it is during the trip or because of the different climate, so use a mask to hydrate it a couple of days before the trip, and then put a good moisturizer. Before you start your journey, hydrate your skin once more, don’t put any makeup so your skin can breathe and use a freshening mist until you get where you’re headed to.
  3. Take special care of your eyes – traveling can be stressful and extremely tiring to your body, and it usually shows on your face. As Silkwood face lift experts advise, ask the flight attendant for some crushed ice to hide traveling signs such as dark circles under your eyes and wrinkled skin on your eyelids. If you’re going to an important meeting straight from the airport, pack your makeup and skin products in your hand luggage to cover up signs of fatigue on your eyes.
  4. The first night is always the most important one – your skin suffered a great change arriving in a new environment, so pay special attention to it on the first night of your staying in a new place. As soon as you reach your accommodation, clean your skin, exfoliate to remove all the dirt that gathered during the journey and then put on a high-quality moisturizer. You also definitely want to prevent under-eye circles appearing the following morning, so use an eye cream, too!
  5. Hydrate your skin – always have a small bottle of water with you and forget about fizzy and sweet drinks during your trip. Also, keep in mind that the food you eat can help you hydrate your body. That’s why it is better to choose watery food, such as watermelon and pineapples, but also vegetables, including tomatoes, celery, and lettuce. And last but not least, soup is always a good choice for you.
  6. Look, but don’t touch – whatever you do, keep your hands off your face as much as you can. Our hands are full of germs gathered from public surfaces, especially at airports and bus stations, so don’t spread these germs to your face. If you really must, touch your face by using a tissue or a blotting cloth.

As much as we like the change that traveling brings us, any change includes a certain amount of stress and problems. As far as our skin is concerned, there are definitely ways of minimizing the damage that the change in routine causes. We just have to be prepared and well-organized, and our traveling will be easier than before.

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