Babies always require special kind of attention and care, when it comes to their skin. Their gentle, and still forming a skin, needs to be regularly taken care of with special products meant only for newborns. To help all of you, new moms, out there, we prepared a short list of skin care tips that can help you.

  1. Natural skin care

Even though we are all tempted to bathe our baby regularly and massage his skin with different creams, we still have to take into consideration that baby’s skin is in the process of forming and we don’t have to rub it or treat it constantly with different baby products and skin care treatments. Sometimes less is definitely more.

  1. Bathing

Bathing is another thing new mom’s often overdone. Bathing should be done three times per week, for the newborns in their first year of life. if you go overboard and bathe your baby more than three times per week, then you are risking eczema and skin rash. So, stay moderate when it comes to bathing and if you really want your baby to stay clean after filling the diaper, then you can wash off his lower body and avoid giving him a full bath.

  1. Avoid scented products

Scented products can cause not only irritation on your baby’s skin, but it can also bother his developing sense of smell.  Babies are not used to these synthetic smells, and these smells can they can be pretty strong sometimes. This is why you should avoid scented products at least first year of your baby’s life, and use neutral ones instead.

  1. Washing

Your baby’s clothes should only be washed separately and never with the rest of your family’s clothes. This way you are protecting your baby’s clothes from possible threats like skin diseases and rashes. Baby clothes should also be washed with a baby detergent, that doesn’t have a strong fragrance and that is dye-free.

  1. Diaper check

To avoid skin rash on your baby’s skin, regularly check diapers and see if there is something inside. Sometimes babies don’t cry or alarm us when they “use the diaper” so we need to check it more often. This way you will avoid diaper rash that can often appear on your baby’s bottom.

  1. Massage

Another great way to make your baby relax and feel the calming touch of your hand is to give a massage. Massages are not only a great way to relax your baby but they can also be beneficial for him development. Your baby will also get used to your touch and react on it every time.

  1. Stay present for changes

Any type of changes on your baby’s skin should be examined by a doctor. When you are not sure what to do or which product to use for rash or eczema, then the best way to help your baby is to take it to the doctor. This way you will know for sure, whether there is something serious going on or not.

We know this special attention requires a lot of sleepless nights. This doesn’t mean you will need to forget about you as a woman. Paying some attention to your own skin won’t prevent you from being focused on your baby skin care. Best advice for you is to use a good night cream for wrinkles and you will find yourself gaining youth while your baby will show you all the appreciation through priceless laughter.

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