For a lot of people, they shudder when people click on their camera app. After all, it means it’s time for a picture. But so many people hate taking photos, and one of the biggest reasons why is they dislike their smile. But it’s so important to smile if you want to stay happy in your life. As we discussed before, it can decrease your bad mood, and it can make you look more approachable. Therefore, you need to try and smile more in your life. Here are some of the surprising reasons why people hate their smile and what to do about it.

They hate the size of their lips

What do you think of your lips? For some people, their lips can be the top reason why they won’t get in that photo. They hate the shape and the size of their lips. They either think they look too large or too small in pictures. But if you don’t like your lips, there are several things you can do about it. For one thing, you can use lip liner to create a different shape. And you can even use a lipstick to make your pout look perfect in photographs.

Just by going for a bold color, it can make them look much bigger than their actual size. And if makeup isn’t doing the trick, you could always get lip fillers to give yourself a beautiful look. Just make sure you don’t end up going too big with your lips and end up living with regret!

They don’t like their teeth

For a lot of people, they won’t turn that frown upside down as they can’t stand the sight of their teeth. Whether it’s because of the color or the shape of their teeth, it can leave them not willing to smile in public. But there are lots of things you could do if you don’t like the sight of your teeth. For one thing, you should consider why they have gone a yellow color.

You might need to cut out habits such as smoking to keep them white. Or you might want to get a teeth whitening treatment to ensure you have pearly whites which are perfect for photographs. And you could also talk to your local cosmetic dentist about ways to improve your teeth. They might be able to do veneers or implants which will ensure your teeth look fantastic. And then you will be happy to smile again in front of the camera!

They suffer from dry skin around their mouth

Image from Pexels

Unfortunately, a lot of people can get dry skin around their mouth. It can especially be bad during the winter months when you get dehydrated. And it can cause people to get embarrassed when it comes to pictures. But if you want to love your smile again, you should consider buying a good lip balm and moisturizer which you can use every day. You can also talk to your local doctor or skin specialist about ways to rid the dry skin. That way, you can love your smile again.

And don’t forget you could always practice in the mirror if you want to perfect your smile.

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