Top 6 Questions to Ask Your Eye Doctor During an Eye Exam

Vision is undoubtedly one of the most important senses. Without the ability to see clearly, your quality of life can be immensely affected.  To avoid vision problems, it’s imperative that you undergo regular eye exams with an eye doctor.

Eye exams will uncover any potential problems with your eyes, allowing your eye doctor to provide recommendations for proper management and control of any conditions you may have. However, it’s important that you take an active role in your own visual health. While your eyes are being examined, take the time to understand everything the doctor is doing.

If you’re unsure about what to ask, this list will help.

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The Causes & Treatment of Glaucoma

In simple terms, glaucoma is a condition which damages your optical nerve. If not treated on time, the pressure on the optical nerve builds up and the situation gets worse. Moreover, glaucoma is a condition that’s believed to be hereditary and a person only begins to complain about its symptoms during the late years of life.

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How To Avoid And Reduce Eye Strain

Although excessive staring at the computer screen is a primary cause for developing eye strain, there are numerous other reasons too that play a pivotal role in causing eye strain. Lack of sleep, reading in low light for longer durations, and excessive exposure to bright lights are a few of the other well known reasons that cause eye strain.

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Ways to Keep Your Eyes Healthy

Living in this day and age has its ups and downs. One of the biggest health-related problems of today is bad vision. Countless hours spent behind a desk with our eyes focused solely on a computer screen, an unhealthy diet and lack of sleep are just some of the reasons why eyesight issues are becoming more prominent. Luckily, there are ways to mitigate these issues, and prevent them from escalating rapidly.

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