Why Curtain is a Better Choice Over Window Blinds?

When you are picking the dressings for your house windows you are faced with the age-old question of curtains or window blinds?. Personally, I would decide on curtains for my home each and every time.

Blinds are ok for your dentist’s waiting rooms and for your workplace but for the home, curtains are the only option. They add a touch of elegance and style to any room they’re in and these days there is a wider variety to pick from than ever before.

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Top tips that can redefine crazy paving design


How many of the homeowners require crazy paving for the pathways? Probably the number runs in thousands because the home outdoor creates the first impression on the guests. If people are arriving at your home to attend birthday party or functions, the sight of neatly trimmed hedges and embedded blue stone on the driveway might make their mood pleasant. In contrast, a muddy pathway can act as a perfect spoiler to a wonderful evening. Therefore, it is important to use certain tips to make the pathways look stunning.

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6 Amazing Facts You Might Not Know About Home Organization

You must have noticed that you can’t properly focus if your desk is messy. Some studies claim that cluttered living space is a reflection of our state of mind and vice versa. Decluttering your home can be a challenging task and many people admit that they don’t know where to start, and how to keep their home tidy and organized. One of the biggest issues is lots of junk stuff with a “sentimental value” that most of us tend to keep around but never use. Fortunately, with a couple of simple hacks, things will easily fall into place.

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