10 Romantic and Adorable Ways to Say “I Love you”

Actions speak louder than words. It is a quote we’ve learned as kids, and it is one that resembles and sticks in our mind forever. At least it should. Sometimes, actions are more meaningful than words. There is a reason why body language has become so important. What we do is important. Now, in terms of love and caring for someone, we all want to hear that magical “I Love you”. But sometimes, we want to see that you mean it. That means to show us that you care.

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Love is a Phallusy

How to bang your bleeding scalp against a brick wall for no special reason…

Ah men, to know them is to love them. Milk bar owners, late night taxi drivers, groups of them on the streets, in cars, in pubs constantly reaffirming our biology, sexuality and overall worth (e.g. show us your tits you cheap slut).

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