What we ignore about self-care

Images of toes in turquoise water and rolling countryside on your Instagram timelines are often accompanied with hashtags to do with self-care. That kind of branding of what self-care is has become somewhat distorted. It leaves those without resources for a new book, an expensive lunch or an out-of-town trip feeling as though they cannot engage in self-care. This article aims to redefine it.

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3 Creative Ways to Increase Your Productivity at Work

Work seems much more complicated than even five years ago, no? Job competition is high, whether you have one or are looking for one, and employers are always expecting more. We adapt, but there are limited hours in the day, and most of us are in an environment (virtual or real) that is filled with distractions. Increasing your own productivity has become one of the few clear ways to get ahead in the workplace.

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Kindness Makes You Happy… and Happiness Makes You Kind

People are illogical, self-centred and unreasonable. It’s difficult to love them. The good deeds you do will be forgotten tomorrow, but your mistakes will always be remembered. Why, then, should you even bother being kind? When you know that any vulnerability you show will be exploited, when your ideas and your generosity will be shot down by small-minded, petty men. Well, no one ever said that being good was easy. The best things seldom are. But being kind will make you happy and more satisfied with your life in the long run. Look at some ways in which you can change your life for the better.

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Best gadgets to increase productivity of women

As we move forward in the cut throat era of competition where women’s are no longer left at the back seats to just do the household work, rather we can see her in the space centre’s labs ,senate house ,in the Forbes list of top CEO’s and many more places where they have left their mark, the pressure to stay at the top has also immensely increased across the world in working women.

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“Get Over It”: The Damage This Phrase Does To Emotional Health

[ tsukiko-kiyomidzu / pixabay ]

There are few more emotionally damaging phrases that “get over it”.

It sounds a strange thing to say to a phrase we hear all the time. Angry about how the bus was late? Get over it. Struggling with your confidence at work and general workload? You have to earn money somehow; get over it. Upset over an argument with a friend? Make up or get over it.

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