Fall is here, and that big holiday is just around the corner. You may already have started decorating your home in fall colors, and you are getting ready for Halloween, but don’t forget to start gathering the necessary table decoration for Thanksgiving. It doesn’t matter if you are preparing a big or a small dinner, there are some pieces that should be on the table, and the overall décor can and should be mesmerizing.

Decorate with Natural Elements

The colors of nature in the fall are perfect for decorating a Thanksgiving table. Better yet, you should introduce some natural elements too. You can make a mesmerizing centerpiece with colorful pumpkins of different sizes; pears, apples and pinecones. Put them all together in small wicker basket or a glass bowl, or you can simply arrange them on the table and surround them with scented candles. Also, you can use smaller pears to decorate the plates; just put them on a neatly folded napkin on the plate and completely transform the table decoration.

Creative Place Cards

If you are hosting a big Thanksgiving dinner, you have to make sure there is enough place for everyone. You can use place cards to make seating arrangements and make it easier for the guests to get comfortable. However, don’t use just a piece of paper for the place cards. Instead get creative and more into the spirit of this holiday. Use mini pumpkins in various colors and make your own place cards. Tie the papers with the names to the mini pumpkins and carefully place each one of them at the center of each plate. This way, you are contributing to the décor and your guests will feel more welcome and comfortable with these personalized place cards.


Burlap Holders

This natural material is a great addition to table décor, and it can be quite useful as well. If you don’t like when silverware lies bare on the table or a napkin, or you simply lack the decoration, you can easily make simple burlap holders. You can place a floral napkin there and gently arrange your special stylish cutlery and place it by the plate. These will contribute to the whole rustic décor and will keep cutlery in place, so no one will be left without a fork or a spoon by mistake. Plus, you can easily reuse the holders for other occasions.

Use Tall Pieces

With the centerpiece, glasses, plates and food on display, the table might look a bit crowded. In order to avoid such a mess, use tall décor pieces to break the crowd and provide height to the table decoration. You can use tall decorative candles in complementing colors, stylish vases filled with sunflowers and leaves, and even opting for tall wine glasses will help. Additionally, you can tie several leaves to the chandelier above the table which will draw eyes upwards and thus minimize the claustrophobic feel of the table decoration.

Dress the Chairs

Why limit the décor only to the table? You can easily expand the decoration to the chairs and top them off with a bow. Use natural materials in red, orange or bronze and make big stylish bows for the back of the chairs. With this simple upgrade, the whole table will transform into a warm place for enjoying the delicious dinner and the chairs won’t look unfinished and bare.

It takes plenty of time to prepare for Thanksgiving, but you shouldn’t feel pressured. This is the time when you can sit down and enjoy delicious food with your friends and family, and the rustic and natural elements of the table décor will only help you enjoy it even more.

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