The Additional Cost Involved in Breast Implant Surgery

Getting breast implant surgery in the U.S. is the most demanded procedure among women but is not so pocket friendly. And more significantly, most of the women pay from their own pockets. Insurances generally do not cover breast enlargement surgery.

The cost of an average breast implant surgery in America during 2014 was $3, 7000. So getting breast implants for cosmetic purposes is not that easy. Insurance covers breast augmentation only when women have mastectomies due to breast cancer.

Women’s who have breast implant due to a cosmetic concern pay for themselves and even in future, if they need surgery again – health insurance will not be covering that either. If you are planning for breast augmentation in Atlanta through Crispin Plastic Surgery, here’s what you need to check with your insurance company first:

  • Will any breast implant surgery cost be covered?
  • Will getting breast implant affect insurance coverage?
  • If health problems arise due to breast implants, will the required treated by covered by insurance?
  • If later breast cancer or any such problem occurs, will health insurance be affected?
  • Will the diagnostic tests required for breast implants as MRIs or mammograms be covered by health insurance?

Get the answers for these five questions before you make assumptions.  Keep confirmations with you as the policies can change as well.

The Additional Costs in Breast Implant Surgery

Breast implant for cosmetic concerns involves the cost of breast implant surgery and the following also:

Additional Charges at the Time of Surgery – Check with your plastic surgeon for the costs of implants, medication, anesthesia, hospital fees, and other charges if involved. Some surgeons include all charges in the package while some don’t.

Other Surgeries Involved – Women’s who go through breast implants usually need a secondary surgery at some time in future. Some on the other hand might need one right away. Since every individual varies in healing properties and acceptance of foreign substance, therefore there can be case when certain women may have an allergic reaction to the position of an implant.

Some women get along with the implants pretty well for some years and then might need the replacement of implants. Although implants sometimes offer a lifetime guaranty but remember that eventually you will need replacement and that means another surgery and added cost as well. If however the implant breaks, the company will offer replacement at no cost, even then do your home work and get things checked.

Keep your pocket ready always though because the removal of implants can be more expensive then placing them in.


Diagnostic Testings – FDA recommends all women getting Silicone implants to go for MRI three years after the surgery and then once every two years. This is to ensure that Silicone implant has not ruptured but MRIs are very expensive, each costing $2,000 on average.

Breast implants also interfere with mammograms accuracy so some women might also need to get X-Rays done at additional cost. Health insurance does not cover these additional diagnostic charges. Always ask ahead of time.

And What if You Need to Get the Implants Removed?

Women’s having implants sometimes decide on getting them removed because of complications, hindrance in certain activities, concerns about health risk, or disappointment for how they look. Some surgeons discourage patients on getting implants removed, because once you have implants and decide on going back to your natural breasts- there are no natural breast anymore.

Women’s with Silicone breast implants often lose breast tissues with implant removal. If somehow the silicone has leaked into the breast than the resulting surgery will be similar to mastectomy. And the plastic surgeon that performs the implant surgery doesn’t have to be the best choice for removal of implant. Removal is generally more complicated and expensive then original implant placement.

There are surgeons of course who are better at removal and are experienced to tackle this skillfully. The removal procedure recommended by surgeons is “en bloc” which means implant and the intact scar tissue capsule will be removed together. This also helps removing silicone that might have leaked into the breast and other chemicals as well.

Always remember that Long Term Study Matters.

Although implants are enthusiastically promoted by surgeons and other women as well as media – but staying safe is far more important than look stunning. If you do choose to have breast implants remember to get the surgery done from a very specialized surgeon and remember to get yourself prepared financially and mentally along with confirming all questions.

You should be medically fit, which of course your surgeon will confirm and keep your support person ready to help you in time of recovery. Since it’s not a onetime thing, therefore keep your budget ready for another surgery in future. Choose implants wisely according to your body structure and routine.

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