When your child is sick, your whole household could be thrown into turmoil. There’s a lot more to have to juggle with your regular work and household. But now you have a new priority: getting your child healthy again. Are you dreading the day when your child catches a fever or cold? Don’t panic; here are our dos and don’ts of nursing your kids.

Do Take Time Off Work

Most jobs should offer a set number of days that you can take off to look after dependants. There is no set legal time off for looking after dependants. It is entirely up to your company. If your employee thinks you are taking too much time off, or it is affecting your work, they are within their right to give you a warning. If your child’s illness is prolonged, you might have to take your days off out of your annual leave. Many couples try to share childcare when their children are sick so that it isn’t just one person eating into their holiday days.

Don’t Worry If You Can’t Get Time Off

If you have difficulties getting time off work, ask close friends and relatives if they would be willing to look after your child. You could always think about hiring a childminder for a couple of days while your child gets over his or her illness. When someone is looking after your child in your home, they may not know their way around your kitchen. Make things easier for them by leaving some snacks and juice out in visible places. Leave plenty of books, DVDs, and games out for your child so that they can entertain themselves. Don’t forget to give whoever is looking after them all of the required medication.

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Do Make Your Child Comfortable

The more comfortable your child is, the better they will feel and the easier they will find it to relax. Once they can relax and rest, their body will be able to heal much quicker. There are a number of measures you can take to ensure their comfort. Let them spend the day on the sofa with a blanket so that they can nap whenever they need to. If they are extremely fatigued, it could be best for them to go back to bed. If the weather is good, keep a window open to air out the room. The fresh air will do them good, and it will keep the room temperature down. If your child is too warm, they could feel worse.

Don’t Let Your Child Go Thirsty

Your child will need plenty to drink so that they don’t dehydrate. During the first day of the illness, your child might not be interested in eating. You shouldn’t try and force them to eat if they don’t want to. Instead, concentrate on getting them to drink plenty. Pure water is the best for them. But you should also try and get them to have some fruit juice so that they get plenty of vitamins and nutrients. No matter how much they ask, don’t let them have any sugary soft drinks. One great way of getting them used to food again is by using thickeners. They can be added to pureed foods and beverages to change their consistency. You can find out more information online at sites like www.ThickIt.com/products/thickeners/.

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Don’t Worry About Letting Things Go

You will have a lot on your plate while your child is sick. You might not have time to focus on your regular housework. But you shouldn’t worry if you let things go a bit. There is nothing wrong about leaving your washing or ironing for a few extra days. If your child’s illness lasts quite a while, you might have to wash the odd pieces if your family runs low on clothes. Try and find a few extra minutes to focus on the housework while your child is napping or once he or she has gone to bed in the evening.

Do Encourage Your Child To Sleep

Young children who are sick need to sleep as much as possible. Try to encourage them to doze off whenever they feel like they want to. They shouldn’t try to fight sleep. You can help them to sleep by reading them a story or snuggling with them on the sofa. If you have a small baby or toddler, you shouldn’t fall asleep with them either on the sofa or in bed. This is because it could put your child at risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

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Don’t Put Off Going To The Doctor

Some parents quickly panic when their child falls ill, and they worry about going to the doctor over nothing. Try not to go to the doctor just over a cold or twenty-four-hour bug. If your child’s situation worsens, you should book an appointment at your family doctor’s practice. They will be able to prescribe any necessary medication and will let you know what the best course of action is. They may even be able to give you a doctor’s note so that you are entitled to more time off work. It may also be necessary for your doctor to refer your child to a specialist for further tests or treatment. You can find out about the various healthcare specialists for children online www.healthline.com/health/childrens-health-doctors.  dos and donts of nursing of your kids4


Don’t Rush Getting Better

You shouldn’t try and push your child to go back to nursery or school. They will need to take things easy once they are on the mend. Give them plenty of time to get back to full health without trying to rush the healing process. If they are made to do too much while still quite frail, they could become ill again as their illness might worsen.

No parent likes to see their child get ill. However, it is something that you can’t escape from. Hopefully, this blog post will have given you plenty of hints and tips to help you help them get better quickly.

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