The Many Benefits of Breastfeeding and why it is good for both mommy and baby

Most of the mothers in this modern era don’t want to breast feed their baby. They think that breast feeding can make them weak as well as can change their normal physical appearance. Mothers always prefer to feed their babies by means of cow, buffalo, goat or milk stored in milk packs.

However, it has been approved by medical experts that breast feeding has indefinite advantages both for the mother and baby. Following are some most significant advantages of breast feeding;

Immunity Booster

Breast feeding boosts the immunity of the newborn. It contains variety of nutrients and antibodies which keep the baby healthy and protects the suckling infant from various diseases. Mother’s milk contains immunoglobulin A (antibody) which keeps the baby safe from various antigens or germs that can attack the baby. It also contains iron in the form of lactoferrin which inhibits the growth of microbes in the intestine. It also contains exact amount of sugar, proteins, water and fat which a new born needs. Colostrum (milk suckled by the baby during first day) coats the internal layers of GIT and prevents the entry of bacteria and other harmful microbes into the blood. There are certain important factors in the milk which kill various microbes and keep new born free of diseases.

Complete Healthy Food

Breast milk contains a variety of nutrients which keep baby healthy. Milk is a complete diet and does not need any additional supplements.

Reduce Chances of GIT Upsets

Breast feeding reduces the chances of various gastrointestinal diseases including; constipation, colic and stomach upsets.

Makes Baby Less Obese

Baby who feeds on breast are always more slim and smart as compared to those who don’t feed on mother’s milk. This is because breast milk contains exact amount of various nutrients. On the other side, milk taken from market has more contents than requirement of the new born which may lead to obesity.

Less Chances of Developing Allergy

Breast milk contains various anti allergic constituents which keeps baby safe from allergens. If babies with family history of allergy are fed on breast milk for 8 weeks, it will eliminate the chances of eczema in the new born.

Enhances Intelligence

It has shown in various studies that breast feeding enhances intelligence in later life but this is not clear fully.

Protection from Various Diseases

Breast feeding keeps baby free from various diseases in the childhood as well as in the later stages of life. These diseases are; all kidney diseases, pneumonia, respiratory diseases, ear infections, tooth decay meningitis, botulism, child’s lymphoma, ulcerative colitis and septicemia. In addition to all of these diseases, mother’s milk also keeps baby safe from various allergic symptoms.

Reduces Incidence of SIDS:

Breast feeding reduces the chances of sudden infant death syndrome. It has been shown in various surveys that breast feeding reduces 87% chances of developing SIDS.

Reduce Chances of Diabetes

Infants with breast feeding have less chances of developing diabetes as compared to those who fed on external milk sources. Studies are available both for diabetes 1 and diabetes 2.

So if you’re a soon-to-be mom and want your baby to be as healthy as possible, we do hope that the above mentioned benefits are more than enough for you to try breastfeeding.

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