When it comes to restore your faith in the priceless emotion called friendship, you need to go beyond sending a friendship greeting or a mushy message annually on the first Sunday of August, which is hailed as the International Friendship Day! Truly enough, celebrating friendship day always retain you with some very special memories. But don’t you think it to be an excellent idea to something thoughtful to make your friends special?

Here are some ideas to help you get started…

#1: Celebrate Togetherness

This is best accomplished when you start more times together. You need not to go overboard- just choose a weekend to freak out with home –cooked foods, tap your feet to the tune of funky beats or go for a backyard picnic. You can never go wrong with these ideas to any type of friends, irrespective of age. You can also rent some high-school movies, while pigging out on cheese-laden pizzas, popcorn and chocolate. The bottom line is, just as it is in the case of any type of relationships, you cannot take your friends for granted and need to spend some quality time together.

You can also try to loosen up by means of outdoor activities liken bowling, billiards. Playing golf or even by visiting a theme park or the beach.

#2: Utilize The Weekdays

Its normal for you to get all worked up during the office hours, and it is sensible if you wish to reserve the weekends for your family. In that case, take the Friday nights, or any convenient weekday evenings to spend with your friend(s). If you do not want to go out, then you might want to host an in-house. Dress up in your wackiest and weirdest, or finest as the mood of the party demands. Assume the role of humourist, crack clean jokes and go for a pot-luck menu, if desired.

#3: For Friends Living Far-Off

The world is a global village now, so it is possible that your friends might have left their original homes for a living. Don’t make the physical distance bar your selfless ties. Rather, there are pretty small things that can make them feel special. For example, you can dedicate his/her favourite songs through a well-liked TV program or radio program. You can also resort to online friendship card, most of which come for free and are available in wonderful motifs, ranging from humorous, sentimental among others. Also, these cards can be a fast way to convey special messages to friends as well, such as, on congratulatory purposes, or while wishing luck for the upcoming exams.

#4: On Special Days

This includes events like anniversaries, birthdays, and even on the friendship day. And you need not to try complicated things to make things happen. Try methods short and sweet, such as:

  • Posting video links, featuring a special friendship song on your friend’s FaceBook wall.
  • Tweet a short note on your friendship.

#5: Stay Hands-on In Contacting All

In a busy life, it might be like you develop a habit of calling your friends only in need. And your friends might end up doing the same! The problem is, this might later end up creating an impression that both of you are taking each other for granted. The thing is, nothing is wrong with asking for help from your friend, but ensure that you nurture the friendship simultaneously, as well. Call them up, or simply drop a ‘hello’ message on FaceBook message- the aim is to stay connected only.

On a little bit of effort on your side and a little investment of time from the other end can give way to lifelong relationships!

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