Consider one thing. While the festive season remain incomplete without Christmas parties, is it necessary to arrange for the same conventional, everything red-and-snowy themed events every time? What about arranging a ‘themed’ Christmas party? What does that actually mean? You might wonder! Well, here are the inspirations to help you get started:

#1: Chalk Out A Christmas Story

It is somehow inspired by the 1940s classic hit. While going vintage-style is the new trend, you can center your event theme, and primarily take inspirations from the holiday celebrations a-la yesteryears approach. How can you make it?

  • Menu: The movie featured some of the Christmas favourites like turkey, duck, conventional holiday delicacies including potatoes and cranberries. Serving Coca-Cola is welcome, provided that they are served in fine glass bottles, (at least use glass). What is more, you can even consider hiring a soda jerk to offer your guests some milkshakes or beer-roots. Deserts might include the most-loved 1940’s candies, including Turkish Taffy, black licorice, Bit-o-honey and Almond joys, for example.
  • Decoration: You cannot go wrong with a lot of traditional Christmas trees with these types of parties. Place a big-size lamp as a focal point, where the guests with love to pose and take photographs. Plus, make sure that there are a lot of Christmas lights everywhere.
  • Entertainment: Set the Christmas mood alive by hiring games like shoot-the-balloon carnivals. The winners can be rewarded with a replica of Red Ryder BB gun. If you remember the storyline of the movie, it focused on the protagonist’s quest to get Santa bring a BB gun.

#2: The Gothic Christmas

Have you ever thought of hosting a Christmas party that can give everyone creeps? Do you think it would bring a wonderful break to the worn out traditional holiday themes? Then pump out the Tim Burton in you with this theme.

  • Menu: Stick to traditional English delicacies for this theme. So the dinner table should be full of roasted poultry, salads, soups and good old veggies. Since a Gothic party can accommodate any size of gathering, big or small, you can arrange for a seated dinner or buffet, as per your convenience.
  • Decorations: Since its Gothic, it’s no wonder that there will be a lot of playing with dark shades in the décor. The essentials would include tall iron bars, huge and brass candelabras. Use shades of ivory for lounge and sitting place, where you can consider keeping big couches and armchairs. If possible, then keep center furniture and a fireplace.
  • Entertainment: do not forget a DJ, who would set the mood with some wacky songs that have some, err ominous undertones?

#3: The White Christmas

White is decent and sets an entirely different mood. But if you manage to take this Christmas theme to the extreme, then you can think of taking the party with a really huge and white extravaganza! Here’s how!

  • Menu: You enjoy absolute flexibility to choose the menu for such parties. Although a prominence of light coloured savories would set the mood better. However, when it comes to the drinks, do think white! Order plenty of eggnogs, White Russians, White cosmos and white ladies.
  • Decorations: Once again, stick to whites here! Think while upholsteries and linens, snow-capped Christmas trees, and white furniture. Decorative can include white angel-wings and snow-flakes, as well. However, make sure that you do not overdo it. Make sure that you arrange for some access colours, as well. Think of considering a bright, red center-table and gift boxes having silver wraps everywhere.
  • Entertainment: Hire a Christmas photo booth provider to keep your guests together and happy. Also, arrange for some music, preferably holiday classics.

Do you have some more unique ideas to share? If so then please share it with us through the comment below.

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