So they went down on one knee, and you said yes! Congratulations! I know you are on cloud nine right now, but it’s going to get pretty hectic in the next month, so check out my tips below!

  1. Decide whether you like the ring

This might seem like a strange thing to start with, but if you don’t like the engagement ring you’ve been presented with it is better to say now. This is because it will allow you and your partner to go out and get a new one before you start sending pictures to friends and family. If you’re not sure where to buy a ring from, look online for some inspiration. Sites like this Blue Nile review, explain the pedigree of online diamond stores, so you know you’ll be buying from a reputable source.

  1. Call your family

Now it’s time to call your family. A video or Skype call is probably best, as they will want to see how happy you are and share in your joy.

  1. Call your partner’s family

Next, it’s time to to call your partner’s family. Remember they are soon to be your family too and should be treated as such. It is always good to start to form a bond with them and involve them as much as you can in the wedding. They will definitely appreciate it.

  1. Call your bridesmaids

The next task is to call your bridesmaids. You probably know already; who it is you would like to ask. Call them or send them a text with a picture of the ring and ask them whether they would like to help you on your special day.

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  1. Take a picture and put it on social media

Now all your nearest and dearest know; it’s time to put that obligatory picture on social media! You can try Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. But remember once the news is out there, you will become inundated with messages and well wishes,  so brace yourself for the coming flood.

  1. Buy some bridal magazines

You are officially engaged now,  so you’re quite within your rights to pop to the newsagents and grab some bridal magazines. Yes, I know it’s a bit early, but they are so much fun and will help you to stay in that wedding frame of mind. It can’t hurt to get a bit of inspiration, can it?

  1. Organize your social life

Now it’s time to organize your social life. You’ll find that being a newly engaged couple,  everybody wants to congratulate you and take out for dinner. This can make the first two weeks of being engaged super hectic. Make sure you are scheduling enough downtime, so you don’t get stressed out, and you can enjoy seeing your friends and family in a relaxed way.

  1. Decide on a date for the wedding

The question that you are going to be asked the most when you first get engaged is what is the date of the wedding? Even though it’s a bit early for planning the wedding, deciding on the month and year, if not the specific date, will help all of your friends and family to be a bit calmer about the day.

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