The Very Best Sports Tech of 2016

Long gone are the days where you could go for a run without knowing exactly what your heart rate, time and step count was. In 2016, we’ve seen tons of new sporting gadgets in the marketplace which offer much more than the traditional pedometer.  

Technology in sport is here to stay. If you are a gadget wiz and love to take care of your body, you’ll be able to find the perfect gadget sidekick for your gym routine. From apps to wrist bands, check out the top sporting gadgets of 2016.

FitBit Aria Scales

Whether you love them or hate them, scales are a bathroom essential. But this stylish pair of scales is anything but ordinary. The clever machine tracks your weight, body mass index and body fat percentage. It also recognises up to eight individuals and tracks everyone’s progress separately.

best sports tech of 2016 - fitbit aria scales

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Nike Flow Headphones

If you hate being dragged down by your workout headphones, you’ll love these lightweight headphones designed for sports use.

They pump out big sound into the sweat proof, comfortable design and are perfect for athletes who love to get lost in music whilst they move.

best sports tech of 2016 - nike flow headphones

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GoPro Hero

If you’re an adrenalin junkie and you don’t have a Go Pro – what are you waiting for? From snowboarding to rafting, GoPro Hero is almost unbreakable, so is good for even those adventurers who are prone to a few falls. The Hero captures HD 1080 footage and you can purchase a mount for almost every piece of sporting equipment, including your helmet.

best sports tech of 2016 - GoPro HEro

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Jaybird Reign Activity Recovery Band

For example, if you visit you can see that this is literally the king of the activity bands. The clever system measures your Heart Rate Variability, sleep patterns and all your activity.

It’s also great for those of us that are prone to get de-motivated. Reign shows you how long you have been inactive/active for in your activity timeline. So you’ll know when to get off the sofa!

best sports tech of 2016 - Jaybird Reign Activity Recovery Band

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Smart E Bike

The Smart Car now has an even more eco-friendly little brother. From the makers of the Smart Car, this nifty bike supplements your pedal power with a motor. You can even charge your phone when you’re on the move with the in-built docking station.

best sports tech of 2016 - smart e bike

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UFC Personal Trainer

The UFC Personal Trainer is a fitness game with bite. The exercises force you to move about a lot more than you would with a Wii Fit. A word of warning, though, you’ll need to clear the living room before you play as you’ll be doing anything from high kicks to punches.

best sports tech of 2016 - UFC Personal Trainer

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Map My Run App

Quite literally, this app maps your run using your phone’s GPS system. It’s a great system to use if you’re training for a long distance or power run.
best sports tech of 2016 - map my run app

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Plan your routine, including workouts and meals, with the ease of its inbuilt helpful guides.

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