Bad habits, are bad for you right? It’s in the name after all. Well, don’t be too sure. There are numerous supposed ‘bad habits’ that can be good for your health. Don’t believe me? Well then let’s jump right on in by thinking about eating chocolate.

Sweet Chocolatey Goodness

supposed bad habits that are good for you - chocolate

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It just makes your mouth start to water doesn’t it, and as soon as you want some good ol’ choccy, you immediately feel guilty. It’s fattening, it’s full of sugar, it’s bad for your skin. While these three things may be true, there’s something that’s missing from this list. Chocolate is good for your mind. You see chocolate contains the same endorphins that trigger that fuzzy feeling that we call love. So, when you eat chocolate, you’ll feel a lot happier. That’s why if you’ve had a bad day most people find themselves reaching for a bar of chocolate or a bottle of wine. Speaking of wine…

Nothing Like A Good Glass Of Red

supposed bad habits that are good for you - red

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Who doesn’t love a good glass of red wine with a nice, juicy steak? I sure do, but I have been told that drinking wine and alcohol, in general, is bad for you. Well, I don’t buy that and science is on my side with this one. If you drink one glass or red wine a week, it makes your blood richer, and that’s good for your body. You need strong, rich blood for a healthy system. Think of it like adding oil to a car engine. It makes everything run far more smoothly. So when someone makes you feel guilty about drinking, just remember, your body is probably healthier than theirs.

There’s A Reason Vaping Is So Popular

supposed bad habits that are good for you - vaping

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Vaping with an electronic cigarette has increased in popularity lately. Many believe that’s because of the new reports that keep coming out, claiming the health benefits of doing it. Research studies have shown that vaping may well help the body. Although I bet the fact that you get different vape juice flavors has increased sales as well. But the point to take away is that vaping has the same effect as taking antioxidants that revitalize the body.

TV Is Good For You? Now You’re Messing With Me

supposed bad habits that are good for you - watching TV

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I’m not, but don’t get the wrong idea with this one. I’m not suggesting that watching TV is good for you in the way that exercise is good for you. Watching TV is good for you intellectually. You see, in the past, we’ve been taught that TV rots the mind and it doesn’t. At least, it doesn’t anymore. An interview with the creator of Sherlock went viral after viewers had complained it was too hard to follow. The creator had a sharp response to this. Watchers need to put down their phone and start paying more attention. He’s right. With moral, ethical questions as well as mysteries, TV has become the intellectual equivalent of a college lecture.

Now you can stop feeling guilty about all these bad habits and enjoy them more. After all, they’re doing great things for your health.

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