Three Reasons to Consider Getting Adult Braces

Whatever the reason, braces are far less unpopular than they were when you were a kid. So much so that more and more adults are choosing to get braces. Having braces as a teen would have resulted in endless taunting, with names like metal mouth and jaws being thrown around freely, but for whatever reason, adults are now choosing to get braces later in life.

There’s no denying that a perfectly straight smile is serious social currency, but this isn’t the only reason you should consider getting adult braces. Technology has come a long way since the days of fixed metal braces, and there are also many health benefits to fixing jaw alignment problems.

1. Wider Health Benefits

Your teeth and jaw can lead to many different health problems. Problems with jaw alignment can cause headaches, earache and facial pain. If you have problems chewing you might also suffer from gastrointestinal problems. Your long-term oral health and physical health will likely benefit from fixing the alignment of your teeth.

2. Braces Are Far More Advanced These Days

If your memories of braces are terrifying metal contraptions filling your mouth, then you’re in luck, as medical advancements have come a long way. There are now so many options for straightening your teeth that there is something to suit every lifestyle. If you want a more discreet look, ceramic braces are ideal, while clear braces are also an option for less severe cases. Invisible lingual braces that are fitted behind the teeth are also ideal for a more discreet look. If you’re worried about the appearance of braces, you needn’t be!

3. Dentists Understand Your Fear

Modern dentists understand that visiting them isn’t the best experience, and they don’t take it personally. Visit a good private dentist and they will do everything in their power to make sure you are comfortable and not afraid. It’s incredibly rare for dentist appointments to hurt, so if you’re avoiding the dentist because you’re hanging on to childhood memories of painful prodding, it’s time to let this go!


A Word of Warning

Adult braces are a huge commitment and you’ll have to be dedicated to making sure you take good care of your teeth throughout the treatment, which can last from 12-20 months. If the thought of cutting out apples, crusty bread and candy for at least 12 months makes you sweat, then adult braces might not be for you. They are a hefty investment, so there is very little point in going through the pain of having them fitted if you won’t be able to stick to the rules.

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