Are you planning for your first camping trip with your toddlers? It requires special planning to ensure that everything goes well and ensure that your family, especially your toddlers, stay happy. Proper planning and learning a few tips will make your camping holiday memorable.

There are many factors you have to consider when planning to take toddlers with you for a camping trip. First, you have to understand the camping site and know what you need for the camping days. To learn more about camping with toddlers, continue reading for some of the most important tips you need to know to make the camping trip exciting.

Don’t Gamble, Research the Weather

You don’t have to assume that the weather will be perfect. Weather changes and that is why you have to research the weather in the camping area. With that, you will know what to expect during the camping days.

Imagine going for a camp and it rains all day. Boring, right? You and the entire family will not enjoy anything in such weather.

Researching the weather also allows you to know the type of clothes you can carry for the toddlers. Toddlers are sensitive to adverse weather conditions, and dressing them appropriately during a camping trip can protect them. After learning the weather forecast, you can proceed to pack and plan for the trip.

Do a Test, and Prepare the Toddler to Sleep in the Tent

If you have already purchased a tent, it is time to test everything in your backyard. Remember, you want everyone to enjoy the trip, including the toddler. For that reason, you should first test if the tent is large enough for the entire family.

Secondly, it’s essential to sleep in the tent with the toddlers so that they can get used to the tent. This will make sure that you will not have problems with the toddler when already on the camping site. Also, help the toddler feel at home inside the tent.

Make Sure to Bring Familiar Toys/Items

Toddlers like playing with their toys or pets all the time. For that reason, it’s highly essential to bring your toddlers’ toys with you for the camping trip.  In addition to that, you can carry your toddlers’ favorite pet. This will ensure that the toddler enjoys to the fullest while on the trip.

If you don’t carry the toys or the pet, you may have a hard time trying to entertain the child while on the trip. It’s always advisable to give the child time to play on his own but watching him or her from a distance. That way, you can also have time for yourself during the trip.

Research the Camping Area

If possible, you need to know all the details about your camping area. First, you need to research the plants in the area. You know that toddlers are always excited when they see new berries and want to have a bite. Therefore, know all the berries, and if the area has poisonous berries, always check up on what the toddlers are eating.

In addition to that, you should know about the terrain. If the camping site is hilly and has many slopes, you have to be careful not to leave your toddlers on their own for a long time. Remember, they can’t walk properly, and they can roll over the slope easily. Therefore, watch out!

Bring a Headlamp, Mat and Enough Clothes

If the toddlers are crawling, you should bring a mat. A mat will be a perfect place for your toddler to play and crawl. Also, you should bring enough pants, t-shirts, sweaters, pampers, among other items your toddlers need most during the trip.

Besides that, you should bring a headlamp to ensure that you have enough light during the night. With the headlamp, your toddler won’t get scared at night while you move around the camping site. That way, you get peace and tranquility during the night.

Bring Enough Sunscreen and Bug Spray

If the camping site experiences too much hot sun, you should have enough sunscreen for the toddlers. Toddler skin is delicate and can be destroyed easily by too much exposure to the sun. Apply the sunscreen whenever the toddler goes out to play.

Also, you need to think of biting insects found on camping sites. When your toddler gets a bite from a bed bug, mosquito, ant, or any other insect while on the trip, that is a bad experience which he may not forget. Therefore, have the best bed bug spray that can repel or even wipe out all the insects that can scare or bite your young one during the camp.

Bring Your Toddlers’ Favorite Foods and Snacks

When packing, you have to include your young ones’ favorite snacks. You want them to enjoy the trip just like you. So when you are drinking a glass of whiskey, the toddler will be busy eating the snacks. As a result, everyone will enjoy the camping trip.

Be Prepared for Naps

Toddlers always like an afternoon nap. As such, you should consider that and prepare for it. Therefore, bring with you a comfy bed and always make sure that the baby sleeps enough during the trip. Sleeping enough will allow the child to be active all the time during the camp.

Plan for Toddler-appropriate Activities

Toddlers have a lot of energy, and they need to use it appropriately during the camping trip. They can get bored if they don’t have anything to do. A walk, seeing beautiful sites, and even carrying the toddler with a device can entertain the child. Also, let the child play phone/iPad games mostly during the evenings.

Set Everything While There is Still Light

When you arrive at the camping site, you should unpack while there is still light. That way, you will arrange everything, set the tent, and get ready to enjoy the camping trip. Also, if you are to cook that day, ensure you set the fireplace before dusk.

Planning for a camping trip with toddlers is highly essential. It ensures that the entire family will enjoy the experience. Therefore, use the above tips,= and you will make your next trip with your toddlers more exciting.

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